5 best Shopify themes for clothing stores

5 best Shopify themes for clothing stores

We’re reviewing some of the most popular fashion themes for a Shopify store.

5 best Shopify themes for clothing stores

Finding the right Shopify theme is half the battle when you’re launching a new store. There are so many options to choose from that it’s easy to get confused. 

If you want to set up a clothing store, we’ve prepared a list of the best Shopify fashion themes that might help you understand what theme features you actually need and how much you’ll need to pay for them.

5 top Shopify themes for clothing stores

There are plenty of themes on the Shopify theme store, which you can filter by industry. Let’s review some of the most popular fashion templates on Shopify, including a free one. 

1. Colorblock

We’ll start with a free theme that might be lacking some of the nice-to-have features but can be a great start. Shopify claims Colorblock to be “ideal for high-end fashion” and large catalogs. If you’re looking for a bold and colorful design, this theme can be your choice. It’s absolutely free to run a store powered by the Colorblock theme. 

In terms of functionality, the theme offers the following:

  • Mega menu. You can design a menu with several categories and subcategories according to your store structure
Mega menu in the Colorblock theme

  • Quick view. There’s a possibility to add the quick view option to products shown on collection pages. 

  • Sticky header. You can keep your header visible as the user scrolls down the page. 

Recommended products in the Colorblock theme

  • Image rollover and zoom. You can make product photos switchable on hover and let customers zoom in on them. 

  • Dropdowns for product variants. To organize product variants, the theme features dropdowns that you can combine for size, color, and other options. 
Product variants in the Colorblock theme

  • Product badges. You can add a badge like “On sale” to any product, highlighting its price drop or any other valuable information. 

  • Enhanced search. The theme supports the internal search that shows the result with the user staying on the same page.  
Internal search in the Colorblock theme

  • Size chart pop-up. You can incorporate a size chart into your product pages. 

2. Impulse

Impulse by Archetype Themes is a popular choice for clothing stores (although it’s a multi-purpose theme used in different niches). It costs a one-time fee of $320.

The Impulse theme comes with 3 predefined styles (Modern, Bold, and Clean) that differ in color palette and block structure but share the same functionalities. There are 20+ sections that you can customize when building your site. It also includes translations into major European languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish), so you won’t need a localization app or third-party tool if you’re targeting multiple locations. 

The main features available in the Impulse theme include:

  • Subcollections. If you have a complex structure of products and their categories, you can organize your data with the help of collections and subcollections. 

  • Advanced sidebar filtering. You can set various sorting and filtering options, and the results will be updated in real time as the user clicks on each filter. 
Filtering in the Impulse theme

  • Product tabs. You can add specific sections shown under the descriptions on product pages. You can include any relevant information there, be it size charts or shipping rates. 
Product details in the Impulse theme

  • Image zoom. Make your product photos easily viewed in detail with no additional image zoom app

  • Image switching on hover. On collection pages, you can set up several images for each product: those that will be shown by default and those that will appear when the user hovers over them. It’s also possible to add a quick view option and display available sizes on hover. 
Sizes shown on hover in the Impulse theme

  • Recently viewed and related products. You can create a cross-selling section that will appear below the product information to suggest relevant items. Plus, the theme allows you to create a dynamic section that will use each particular browsing history to show the products the user has viewed. These are great non-intrusive ways to increase engagement and conversion rates

  • Countdown timer. You can design various countdown timers to encourage customers to take advantage of a sale or another promotion

Stock availability in the Impulse theme

  • Pre-purchase questions shown in the cart. You can write down several bullet points to straighten out some of the popular questions that might arise before the checkout.

  • Product question form. You can let customers ask questions about your products through a contact form.

  • Newsletter pop-up and footer sign-up. To collect visitors’ emails for marketing purposes, you can design a pop-up and take advantage of the footer space to feature your newsletter sign-up. 

3. Stiletto

Stiletto by Fluorescent Design Inc. is another popular multi-purpose theme. One of its presets—Vogue—is designed specifically for Shopify clothing stores. The price is $300

The Stiletto theme promotes itself as a “luxury theme optimized for growth.” It’s a great fit for high-volume stores and, like the previous theme, it also includes translations into major European languages (French, Italian, German, Spanish). 

Among the helpful features present in Stiletto, you can find the following:

  • Multiple Mega Menu configurations and gallery layouts. The theme gives you a range of designs to choose from when setting up your site structure, organizing menu elements, and creating product galleries. 

  • Quick add-to-cart and quick view. You can add the possibility for store visitors to view product details and add the item to their cart right from the collection page. 

  • Search with autocomplete. The theme includes a powerful site search drawer that can show suggestions and autocomplete users’ queries. You can customize the internal search results to promote chosen collections or products.  
Internal search in the Stiletto theme

  • Navigation and filtering. The theme allows you to use price sliders, color swatches, and product chips to make visitors’ journeys through your store easier. 

  • Shoppable image sections. You can promote multiple products in a single photograph: when clicking on a certain part of the picture, customers will see the respective product description. 
Shop the look in the Stiletto theme

  • Countdown bars. You can create different countdown timers to highlight a sales event, free shipping threshold, or something else. 

  • Product badges and labels. You can set custom badges shown on product images: for instance, “new in” or “fast selling.” 
Product badges in the Stiletto theme

Plus, you can add specific labels with icons to product descriptions—it can be trust indicators like “fast delivery” or production aspects like “certified organic.”

Trust badges in the Stiletto theme

  • Multi-purpose pop-ups. You can design simple pop-ups to promote a sales event or collect emails. 

  • Animations. The theme supports various animated elements: you can make your visuals slide, fade, and zoom. 

The theme’s developers also promise to incorporate a native upselling functionality soon. For now, you’ll have to use one of the Shopify upselling apps

4. Kalles

Apart from the theme available directly from Shopify, you can find clothing store themes on services like Envato. Kalles by The4 is one of the leading themes for fashion businesses. Its regular license (with 6-month support) costs $89.

The Kalles theme provides you with 50+ homepage design options, 10+ product page layouts, and 8 header styles. Apart from the typical features available in most Shopify templates, this one also has capabilities that you would otherwise access with multiple paid apps. 

Let’s explore some of the most important functionalities of the theme:

  • Free shipping progress bar. In the cart drawer, you can show how much a customer has to spend to get free shipping. You can also add some animation when the threshold is reached. 
Free shipping progress bar in the Kalles theme

  • Sticky add-to-cart. You can make the add-to-cart bar visible regardless of how far a visitor scrolls a page. 
Sticky add-to-cart in the Kalles theme

  • Filters with different product attributes. The theme enables a seamless navigation experience on your store. You can set various filters, and the results will update without the page refresh.

  • Quick view and add-to-cart. You can enable store visitors to expand each product information from the collection page, as well as add the item to the cart without visiting the product page. 
Quick view option in the Kalles theme

  • Lookbook. You can create a lookbook page to feature your best-sellers.

  • Video thumbnails and 3D. To diversify your visuals, you can set video thumbnails for product images on collection pages and use 3D models to let the customers explore the item from all angles. 

  • Frequently Bought Together and other types of product suggestions. You can include a cross-selling section combining products that go well together. 

  • Countdown of product availability. You can set countdowns to indicate stock levels of your products and encourage shoppers to make a decision. 

  • Wishlist. You can let customers add items to a wishlist and return to them later. Wishlist data will also be helpful to you in analyzing product popularity and crafting marketing emails. 
Wishlist in the Kalles theme

5. Avone

Avone by adornthemes is another multi-purpose theme popular with clothing stores. The regular license costs $79

The Avone theme gives you access to 33 homepage designs, 8 product page layouts, and 10 header styles. Overall, it allows for 1000+ customization options. It supports numerous integrations, but there’s a special offer for a localization app Weglot that can be incorporated with a 20% discount. 

Here are some of the major theme’s capabilities:

  • Live search with suggestions. The theme is powered with an internal search engine that shows results as the user types in. 
Internal search in the Avone theme

  • Sticky add-to-cart. Making the add-to-cart bar visible throughout the whole product page can greatly increase conversions

Variant swatches in the Avone theme

  • Instagram feed. You can incorporate your Instagram posts into homepage, collection pages, and product pages using different layouts. 

  • Image lazy loading. All the images uploaded to your store are automatically lazy loaded to optimize page speed, which means they will be fully displayed only when a user reaches that part of the page they’re in.  

  • Recently viewed products. For occasional store visitors not to lose interest in what they’ve been browsing, you can show a section with the products they’ve viewed. 
Recently viewed products in the Avone theme

  • Size chart pop-ups and tabs. You can create multiple size charts adjusted to different products and make them displayed in different ways. 

  • Newsletter pop-ups. You can design a pop-up encouraging people to subscribe to your emails and get extra perks for that. 
Newsletter pop-up in the Avone theme

  • Sale countdowns. You can integrate different types of countdown timers to create a sense of urgency.  

  • Wishlist. You can let customers save items to their wishlist and review it at any time. 

Choosing the best theme for your Shopify store

Since the transition to Online Store 2.0., all new Shopify themes are pretty flexible in how you can arrange and customize available design blocks and features. What can be a real game-changer when choosing the right theme are additional functionalities that solve the problems that you would otherwise solve with an app or another tool. 

Note that if you choose a theme from the Shopify theme store, you don’t need to pay for it until you make your store live. That means you can try out as many options as you’d like, free and paid. All of those themes also go with unlimited support. 

By contrast, when you’re purchasing from a third-party theme market, you need to pay upfront, and you might have to pay extra to get additional months of support team assistance. But you don’t have to worry about that: the popular themes we’ve mentioned here are marked by outstandingly fast and reliable support. 

Decide on the set of features you want your store to have—and choose a theme based on that. Plus, assess the look and feel of different themes and go with the one that seems right for your brand. 

Here are some more tips and tricks to drive sales on your fashion store:

Start your Shopify store for free and pay only $1 for the first monthStart your Shopify store for free and pay only $1 for the first month

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