Digismoothie's way of giving back

Digismoothie's way of giving back

Learn more about what giving back means at Digismoothie and how we started a cooperation with the local non-profit organization.

Digismoothie's way of giving back

Giving back is one of our core values and probably the value which resonates the most. In short, it means helping others – team members, communities, clients, non-profit organizations, etc. We have regularly donated as a company and individual team members to support various events in the past. Lot of it through the cooperation with Via Foundation.

A couple of months ago, we met with the foundation executives, who told us there is a possibility to work more closely with a selected organization. This got us excited, and we knew we wanted to pick an organization which is interested in e-commerce so that we can provide the highest possible value.

That's why we got in touch with the Home of St. Agnes (Domov Sv. Anežky) with a simple mission – use our skills and knowledge to transfer their online store into the main resource of their income, so they are completely independent of the government contributions and donors. A bold mission for sure, but we are keen to start.

Hand-made tales from sheltered workshops

Home of St. Agnes (Domov Sv. Anežky) is a non-profit organization that helps people with mental and physical disabilities to lead a full and rewarding life. They focus on social services and support in overwhelming everyday situations, contact with authorities, provide social housing that allows people to live in private households, employ their members in a social businesses and, last but not least, they run socially-therapeutic sheltered workshops.

The process of creating a tea cup.

Here the members’ activities revolve around crafting. They apply their talents to ceramics, woodwork, soap-making, weaving and sheep wool processing, gardening, cleaning or even printing cards and promotional items – which all result in high-quality products for sale.

Selling their own goods not only supports the members of the St. Agnes community money-wise, but also by giving them a sense of self-sufficiency and confidence for facing challenging life situations.

Hand drawing on the tea cup.

All these items are high-quality, hand-crafted in the Home of St. Agnes based in Týn nad Vltavou (South Bohemia, 2 hours from Prague) and then sold in a stone shop in town and – most importantly – the online store www.eshop-anezka-tyn.cz. And this is exactly where St. Agnes meets Digismoothie.

How Digismoothie is helping

Among other things, we are currently working on a major facelift of the online store. That includes new design, but also a change of platform to Shopify for much easier maintenance.

The final product showcased in Digismoothie office.

Together with our friends from Nonstop Studio and Upster, we’ll create a new visual identity of St. Agnes and launch a comprehensive online marketing campaign to drive traffic to the online store.

Stay tuned for occasional updates on our journey together. Digismoothie members can already look forward to a trip to the St. Agnes workshops, meeting the community members face to face and bringing back a couple of goodies they didn’t know they absolutely needed at home.

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Monika Jemelikova

Monika is responsible for all HR & People related activities inside Digismoothie. She is keen on exploring new trends of work and believes in the power of technology. Lately, she has focused on building culture in a remote/async environment.

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