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We are no startup, a regular "9-to-5 business", or even corporate. We are a dynamic company that combines the best from each world. A company where people enjoy working and create additional value.

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Our Values

  • Freedom

    Being a remote and async-first gives us our freedom. We don’t mind where or when the magic happens. You can work from home, your garden or by the ocean – as long as your wifi works. ;)

    We’re not stuffy or bureaucratic. We do things our way.

    We support and respect each other, so everyone feels safe and free.

  • Customer First

    We exist for our customers – so everything we do needs to provide value.

    We go the extra mile so our customers don’t have to.

    We get a kick out of helping our customers. Their win is our win.

    We’re empathetic and always look to put ourselves in our customers’ shoes.

  • Simplicity

    We always strive for the best possible UX. We always go into every little detail. No matter the touchpoint.

    Everything we put in front of our clients is professional, smart and pixel-perfect. But above all, easy to understand.

    We aim to solve problems in elegant and simple ways. Using data whenever possible.

  • Giving Back

    It’s part of our company culture to give back to  communities around us. In small or large ways.

    We pride ourselves on having a strong team spirit. Helping each other is totally natural.

    That's, for example, why we are helping Home of St. Agnes to become independent.


Helping people win in

& Support


Work during the time of day that’s best for you. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, we're fine with both. No needless meetings – you can look forward to an effective way of working and communicating.


Doers can work from anywhere in the world. We never place restrictions on locations or remote work.


You will have 30 000 CZK a year for your education and to try and see new things.


We have designed a systematic career growth strategy. Let's find out what is important for you and what your goals are.


In the Czech and Slovak Republic, you can use the Multisport card. You can replace this benefit with another sports activity you prefer.


Find time to relax and enjoy 25 vacation days a year and 5 sick days for when you need to refresh your energy.

Lucia Dvorakova

I’ve been very excited and honoured for the trust that was put in me, the possibilities to grow both professionally and personally. A very friendly but professional collective makes me happy and challenged every day.

Lucia Dvorakova

Customer Success Manager

Maxim Drkoš

Digismoothie, to me, is a place where I can constantly push myself to improve and take on new challenges. But with every challenge, I like to know that I have people around me whom I can rely on and who are always willing to help.

Maxim Drkoš

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jana Fohlerova

Working at Digismoothie is a real joy because of several reasons. The most important for me is a very unique team spirit. Everyone here is very supportive of each other, kind-hearted, professional and inspiring.

Jana Fohlerova

Finance & Office Manager

Pavel Darmovzal

At Digismoothie, I found the highly sought-after work-life balance. Having complete flexibility in working hours allows me to organize my time efficiently throughout the week. That's something I really appreciate.

Pavel Darmovzal

Customer Success Specialist

Monika Jemelikova

I have never felt so many talented and creative people respecting each other so much as in Digismoothie. It's great to have the chance to work in such a flexible atmosphere, which gives you huge freedom and commitment at the same time.

Monika Jemelikova

Senior IT Recruiter & People Ops

Hai Anh Nguyen

My work life has been exciting and challenging since I joined Digismoothie, and I couldn’t wish for more! Everyone is given the opportunity to maximise their knowledge and ideas to the fullest extent.

Hai Anh Nguyen

Frontend Developer

Tomas Buzek

In Digismoothie I am surrounded with kind and experienced people I get along with on both professional and human level. I highly appreciate friendly and supportive atmosphere here, and also working remotely and async which gives me freedom.

Tomas Buzek

Tech Lead

Viktor Terinek

When I got in touch with Digi, it seemed the company is full of skilled and reasonable people. So I decided to join them to find out if it's real or unreal. And you know what? I enjoy every day how real it is ;-]

Viktor Terinek

QA Architect

Who are we looking for?

We are constantly looking for smart people with a mind of their own who are intrigued by the world of e-commerce. Colleagues who will connect to the idea that as long as we share the same mindset and goals, we can collaborate from anywhere around the planet. Our greatest focus is on your unique thought process and putting yourself in the client’s shoes.

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