Low-stock and out-of-stock alerts in the Nada app

Low-stock and out-of-stock alerts in the Nada app

Learn how to set up low-stock and out-of-stock email alerts in Nada.

Low-stock and out-of-stock alerts in the Nada app

Our app Nada for managing sold-out inventory has a new feature that will help you keep track of the products that are close to getting out of stock.

In the app’s menu, you’ll see the Low stock alerts section. Once you click Enable, you’ll have the settings to customize your email alerts. 

Stock alerts in the Nada app

Low-stock and out-of-stock alert settings

The Nada app allows you to modify the following:

  • Choose the types of emails you want to receive (low-stock alerts, out-of-stock ones, or both). When you choose low-stock notifications, you can specify the threshold that works best for you. 

  • Set email frequency and recipients. You have 3 options in terms of frequency: immediate alerts, daily, or weekly. If you choose daily emails, you’ll get to specify the preferred hour, while weekly ones will be sent at midnight on the chosen day. Regarding recipients, you can enter up to 5 email addresses to include people responsible for inventory management and related processes. 

Note that once you receive an alert about a certain product, it won’t be duplicated in further emails (unless it's a different type of alert). For example, you might receive an email and then change the frequency from daily to weekly—the weekly one won’t include products you’ve already been notified about. 

  • Choose if you want to track specific inventory locations and product variants. You can track stock levels for each product or product variant, as well as set specific locations or check all of them together. 

We hope this functionality helps you maintain an effective inventory management strategy. Nada subscription starts at $4.99 per month, and you can test it during a 7-day free trial. 

Check out some more tips on dealing with low-stock and out-of-stock items:

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