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Apps for Global Shopify Businesses

Digismoothie apps are specifically designed to boost sales and conversion rates. Suitable for all stores, our apps come with a free trial and 24/7 customer support.

Candy Rack

Offer upsells on your product & collection pages.

Candy Cart

Offer upsells on your cart page.

Last Upsell

Offer post-purchase upsells on your order confirmation page.

Gift Box

Offer free gifts and motivate your customers to spend more.


Push sold-out products to the end of your collection pages.

Apps for European Shopify Businesses

We offer a range of integration apps customized for European businesses, especially those operating in the Czech and Slovak markets.


Integration with fulfilment service aggregator Balíkobot.


Integration with invoice management system Fakturoid.


XML feed generator for price comparison service Heureka.


Integration with parcel delivery and pick-up service Packeta (Zásilkovna).


May 20, 2021


Finally a post-purchase upsell app which does not create a second order, but edits the order and charges the customer that way! Perfect for anyone looking for upsells that make sense and just work.

April 30, 2021


All we can say in one line "It's a life-saving app". We search many apps, but all over they are hiding out-of-stock items from Shopify which is a simple uncheck from an online store. But we are surprised to see that none of them actually didn't study that what the merchant actually needs. If your store has fewer than 100 items you can actually hide them manually. Then why would someone need that kind of hiding app? On the other hand when some store has more than a thousand items, then it's very simple 10-20 items can go out of stock daily and also can become re-stock daily. We do not find any single store that did not use Facebook, Google for Ad. But how can all other apps forget this simple fact? If you hide your item from the store and get 404 pages you will constantly lose your SEO, product approval from Facebook, Google, Which can result in your account suspension also. After searching a lot we found Nada App!! It's just Awesome !!! exactly does what a real merchant need. Brilliant app interface. Single-click activation. Just active and forget. Like we have 50 thousands+ items but we never need to worry about it. This app doing everything automatically well. The best part is we even can deactivate for some specific collection that we need to keep the newest item first. A complete package in such a small amount. A++++

March 23, 2021


Tom was brilliant and customer service was quick, friendly and really supportive. I outlined some shortfalls with the app and he submitted them to the team to make changes in the next update. The app is clear and simple to use with a nice dashboard making it simple and to the point. Having latest listed products at the TOP of the collection is one important change that was needed, especially for shops that update their inventories on a regular basis. Also having sold out products move down to the TOP of all sold out products rather than being lost way down at the bottom is another. Thats really important for large inventories. I want customers to see what latest products have sold and inform them that these items are currently in our inventory albeit out of stock in that 'colourway' say. Great app, looking forward to the changes as its a game changer in my opinion for a great shop. Thank you chaps.

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