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Top 16 Best Shopify Apps for Fashion Stores in 2021

Tomas Janu


January 31, 2021

Top 16 Best Shopify Apps for Fashion Stores in 2021

The ultimate list of the top 15 best Shopify apps & plugins for fashion & clothing stores. Must-read for any Shopify fashion merchant.

Top 16 Best Shopify Apps for Fashion Stores in 2021

Many Shopify merchants are within the fashion industry. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, or accessories. It’s an extremely popular category, but also extremely competitive. To succeed you need to do something extra. And that’s why we have compiled the list of 15 best apps for Shopify fashion stores which will allow you to differentiate and provide better user experience for your customers.

1. PageFly Page Builder

Online fashion stores are supposed to have a unique and captivated design. But with the simple theme customizations, you must be tired of the boring product pages that drive zero conversion, right?

That’s when PageFly comes to the rescue with powerful solutions to bring your store a new and lively look!

PageFly is a top Shopify Page Builder that allows you to design product pages, landing pages, home pages, and more with just drag and drop. With PageFly, you can add more information about your product in Tabs or Accordion; Organize pages in F or Z layout (which is proved to drive more conversions); Add product reviews (Voila, Loox Reviews app is integrated!), countdown timer, Sales badge for FOMO effects; and many more.

Easy page builder with drag and drop; totally control styling of your store without coding

The developers behind this top-notch product have over 10 years of experience in CRO, so their 70+ premade page templates are totally customizable and CRO focused. You can check them out and use them immediately to save tons of time.

2. Candy Rack (upsell & cross sell)

Candy Rack – is an eCommerce tool to drive an average order value through upselling and cross-sell product offers. The simple, slick, and effective App helps merchants to easily create upsell offers and boost their revenue which is instantly visible in a store’s financial results.

With Candy Rack you can encourage customers to upgrade their chosen item which might bring them more benefits or cross-sell related products generating more sales and demonstrating the breadth of the store catalog effectively.

Upselling and cross-selling with Candy Rack App to drive your sales

Consider using Candy Rack if you would like to:

  • Make your store more profitable within the same product range
  • Have a modern minimalistic  Upsell pop-up leading to increase your conversion-rate
  • Improve your customer experience by showing the rights products at the right time
  • Motivate your customers to purchase more not interfering with the natural purchasing flow

3. UpPromote (affiliate marketing)

Affiliate marketing is an ideal marketing model for clothing stores on Shopify, especially if you are just starting your business. This campaign uses the affiliate’s voice (their social channels, networks, websites, etc) to advertise your products and increase revenue without any upfront cost. And UpPromote: Affiliate Marketing is one of the best Shopify apps to support you build, manage and succeed with affiliate marketing.

No technical knowledge is required, UpPromote is easy to use and set up. You can easily recruit your affiliate team via UpPromote Marketplace; Convert customers into affiliates feature; or Multi-level Marketing feature.

With UpPromote, each affiliate will have an auto-generated affiliate link which leads to your homepage. In addition, if you want to assign coupons for members, the app can do that automatically. The app will manageall referral orders from your affiliates via multiple tracking methods such as affiliate links, coupons, SKUs. and emails. Moreover, you can easily review your top affiliates viaaffiliate’s performance report with details of clicks/ sales.

Starting UpPromote with FREE if you have under 200 orders / month. For up to 300 orders you will pay $19.99 / month. If you have up to 600 others, there is a Pro Plan for $59.99 / month. With no limitations and custom features qualified for your business, the price will be $119.99.

4. Gift Box (free gifts)

Gift Box is one of the free gifting apps available on the Shopify App Store. It allows you to create free gift offers and reward your customers if they meet the requirements. Requirements can be either minimum spend or buy specific products from a specific collection.

Gift Box app allows you to manage free gifts and reward your customers

Free gifts are a great way to motivate your customers to spend more or to promote specific products/collections. You can also promote free shipping or any other customer free service (i.e. gift packaging).

The advantage is that customers can select a specific variant of the free gift. If you are giving away a free t-shirt a customer will be able to select a size, for example.

Gift Box has been launched quite recently so it doesn’t have many reviews yet. However, all the reviews are positive and it looks like merchants are really happy with the app. In terms of pricing, it starts at $29.99 per month for a basic plan. You can also take advantage of the free 14-day trial.

5. Nada – Sort Out-of-Stock Products

If you are having products in your Shopify store that are sometimes sold out, it's definitely not a good idea to unpublish them. By removing them (even temporarily) you may be loosing a solid source of your organic traffic. When the product on Shopify is unpublished (i.e. switched to draft), it only generates 404 not found error with no redirect. And Google doesn't like it!

The best way to boost your SEO is keep all your products active and visible, and push down the out-of-stock ones to the bottom of the collection. If they can't be purchased it doesn't make sense to display them anywhere else. Nada app is a great solution to do that. It automatically sorts your collections every-time the product inventory status is changed.

Screenshot of the Nada app dashboard showing list of store collections

Once you enable auto-sorting, the particular collection is monitored for changes. If some product will become out-of-stock, it will be automatically moved to the bottom of the collection. If it comes back in stock again, it will be put back to its original position.

Nada starts at $4.99 and comes with a 7-day free trial. The pricing is defined per your Shopify store plan and can go as high as $29.99 if you are using Shopify Plus.

6. Oberlo (dropshipping)

Oberlo is one of the most popular apps on Shopify. It allows you to import any product from AliExpress (including image and description), set the price (which is usually higher than the price on AliExpress), and offer to your store visitors.

Oberlo Shopify app allows merchants to sell products from AliExpress

Once the customer order imported product, you just confirm the order inside the app and that’s it. You don’t need to worry about logistics. Basically, you can start a store without having an actual inventory. It’s often called a dropshipping business model.

If you don’t have any stock and supplier Oberlo is the perfect solution for you. In fact, Oberlo was so popular, that it was acquired by Shopify itself in 2017 for $15 million. Using the app is free if you have up to 50 orders per month. For up to 500 orders you need to pay $29.90 per month. For more, there is a Pro Plan for $79.90 per month with no limitations.

7. Growave (reviews, wish lists, loyalty programs)

Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that helps Shopify brands to reach, engage, and convert their customers with ease. It offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions designed with your audience in mind, such as Reviews, Wishlists, Loyalty programs, Social Login, Instagram galleries, and much more – all under one dashboard and for a great price.

Growave for product reviews, wishlists, loyalty programs, referrals, social login, and UGC

With Growave, you can set up a top-notch loyalty program for your store and introduce VIP tiers to make your brand stand out. Growave’s Reviews feature can help you collect more reviews with automated review request emails to generate social proof. The Wishlist feature creates an alternative CTA to help keep customers in your conversion funnel (even when they’re not quite ready to buy). Rewards and Automated Emails allow you to further engage your customers after making their purchase, helping to increase your customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value as a result.

8. Smile (reward & loyalty program)

Smile is one of the most popular reward programs in the World, currently being used by more than 25.000 merchants. With a reward/loyalty program you can improve your retention, so customers will shop in your store more often, not just once. Keeping loyal customers is super important if you are in the fashion industry because there are so many other stores.

Smile app will enable rewards & loyalty program for your Shopify store

With Smile app, you can run Loyalty Points Program, Referral Program, VIP Program or combine each of them. Once you set the program your customers can collect points for various actions (purchases, customer referrals, account registrations, social shares and follows or just having a birthday). These points can be later spent for a voucher, discount coupon, free shipping or anything else you define.

Smile has great reviews, the average is 4.8 stars with over 3 thousand reviews. Merchants really like the app and positive reviews are the best confirmation of its results. Using Smile is free for small shops, but if your program achieves more than 2 thousand members in your program, you need to pay $50 per month ($25 per thousand members). The free plan has also limitations in terms of app features.

9. Shop Instagram Feed & UGC

User-generated content helps in building brand trust and encourage engagement among your customers. You can promote impulse purchasing by embedding Instagram galleries into your homepage or product sections. With stunning Instagram galleries, you can inspire your potential customers to purchase products directly from photos.

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC to showcase Instagram photos on your online store

Shop Instagram Feed & UGC is a complete Instagram feed app, which is fully compatible with a new Instagram API. It’s been one of the first apps to integrate the Facebook Graph API, allowing for a more secure and stable connection. The tool offers a simple and easy-to-use interface while keeping all of the advanced features of the best apps in its segment .With Shop Instagram Feed & UGC, you can create separate galleries for each product or showcase only user-generated photos by adding hashtags.

10. Look.ai for accurate Visual Search by Photo

Look.ai is a Shopify app for apparel stores that look for fast and accurate visual search.

Through providing an extremely easy-to-use and convenient product search tool, the app extends store product page view depth and increases website conversion ratio. The app also allows the merchant to customize the interface so as to align the app’s design with the store identity.

Look.ai is a Shopify app for apparel stores that look for fast and accurate visual search.

How does it work? A buyer visits the store page, clicks the camera icon to start the visual search and uploads a photo with fashion items they want to find in the store through the app. The app search engine inspects the image and shows the same or similar apparel from the merchant’s store. If no similar items are found, then the app displays other clothes so as to increase the chance of spontaneous upsell.

11. Shop the Look (cross-selling)

Shop the Look is a perfect app for any fashion store which has complimentary items customers can buy together. Ultimately you can offer the whole look (e.g. all clothes the photo model is wearing).

Shop the Look App allows your customers to purchase multiple products

For each product (and product page) you can set the main product and additional products. When browsing your store customer is attracted to buy the main product, together with the additional ones. The additional products are offered either on the product page below the main product or using a pop-up window.

Shop the Look is a brand new app, so it has only a few reviews. But if you are in a fashion business we really recommend giving it a try. Price is a bit higher and will cost you $19.99 per month, but it’s worthy.

12. Loox (photo reviews)

If you want to get more from your reviews, you need to have a Loox app. It allows you to automatically collect photo reviews (e.g. customers wearing your clothes) and publish them on the product pages. Picture reviews are much more powerful than the written reviews and can significantly boost your conversions.

Loox app brings Shopify product reviews to the completely new level

It may not be easy to have your customers sending you private pictures, so the idea is to reward them with an additional discount. On top of it, the app supports Google microdata. The app takes care of your reviews automatically by sending post-purchase e-mails to your customers.

Loox app has great reviews and users really like it. It starts $9.99 per month for 100 e-mails sent. You can see the app “in action” on 57 Peaks or GAATSHIRTS.

13. Kiwi Sizing Chart (custom sizing tables)

Sizing is one of the most important elements of selling apparel online. Naturally, people are mostly afraid the size of ordered won’t fit. The best way to reduce this friction is to provide customers with the most accurate sizing measures. And that’s when Kiwi Sizing Chart app comes really handy.

Kiwi Sizing Chart is simple yet effective plugin, which adds size tables on your product pages

Kiwi Sizing Chart allows you to easily manage sizing charts of all your stock (note it can be used for any products category, not just clothing). Sizing charts are automatically inserted on your product pages using the responsive layout. App also supports unit conversions (e.g. from centimeters to inches etc.).

What could be done better is the design of the sizing charts which look a bit outdated but is customizable and does its job.

The app has only positive reviews so far (5 stars, but only 100+ reviews). It offers a free plan for only 2 sizing charts per your store. If you want more, you need to get the premium plan for $5.49 per month. You can see the app “in action” on Creole Couture Boutique or Rapid Wear (just navigate to any product page and click on “Size Charts”).

14. Order Printer Templates (invoicing & shipping paperwork)

Generating invoices, printing packing slips and return forms are typical processes for any Shopify stores. Managing returns and making them seamless is crucial when you are in the fashion industry. With the app called Order Printer Templates, you can do all these much faster and nicer.

Order Printer Templates brings beautiful invoices, packing slips and return forms

Order Printer Templates allows you to create beautiful invoices, packing slips, return forms and gift receipts. Having visually consistent papers will move your brand to the next level. The plugin also offers 1-click translations to ten other languages.

Order Printer Templates has very good reviews and is probably the best app for Shopify paperwork management. It also comes with no subscription fee, you will pay only $29 setup fee. You can see all the slick templates on the developer’s website.

15. Product Filter & Search (advanced filtering and search)

Fashion stores typically offer a lot of products, brands, variants etc. And sometimes it may be tricky for the customer to navigate through the store to find what he/she is looking for. Product Filter & Search allows you to create custom filters based on collections, brand, size, color etc. and place on your store pages.

With Product Filter & Search you can easily add slick filters and real-time search to your Shopify store

Besides advanced filtering, the app also enabled real-time search within the store product and collections. It even displays the product preview within the search results which is really handy. Both capabilities look great from the UX point of view and are optimized for both mobile and desktop browsers.

It’s clear this app was produced by a professional team that put a lot of thought into it.

The Product Filter & Search app is relatively new, so it has only 200+ reviews, but most of them are really positive. As you could expect using this plugin is not cheap and will cost you from $19 per month for up to 1,000 products. But it is definitely worthy it. To see the filter and search live, check out the developer’s demo store or Diesel Ireland.

16. Omnisend (Email Marketing & SMS)

Omnisend is an email marketing automation app for Shopify that lets you create and send gorgeous email campaigns and set up sophisticated automation workflows for your store. With an average rating of nearly 5-stars on the Shopify App store, many of the reviews rave about how easy Omnisend is to use.

Omnisend even goes further than just email marketing automation, allowing you to use SMS and push notifications. You can even add several channels to the same automation workflow, giving you more control over exactly what message goes out when, and to whom. Omnisend also offers tons of templates for emails, automation workflows, and more, so getting started is quick and easy.

Omnisend also offers key list-building features like static sign up forms, pop-ups, and landing pages. Smart segmentation allows for message targeting, so you’ll know you’re sending a relevant message every time.

Offering advanced reporting and lifecycle automation, Omnisend is a one-stop-shop for all your email, SMS, and push notification needs. Omnisend offers a free trial for up to 500 subscribers, and the Standard plan starts at just $16 per month, making it an affordable option for email marketing.

Did we miss your favorite Shopify fashion app?

In case you believe we have missed some must-have Shopify app for the fashion store, please let us know in the comments below. Please, no advertising of your own apps.

If you are in fashion e-commerce, we also recommend reading our article on how to upsell fashion on Shopify.

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