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Omnisend is an email and SMS marketing platform that allows you to automate, personalize, measure, and improve your campaigns. It includes a free plan for up to 500 monthly emails to up to 250 contacts.

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Omnisend is a universal solution for managing email campaigns, SMSs, and push notifications. It seamlessly works with Shopify and integrates into Shopify Flow for setting advanced workflows. 

Omnisend offers a range of templates and pre-built workflows to capture leads, increase conversions, and improve retention. You can easily create emails or a chain of emails for cart recovery, browse abandonment, review requests, and so on. 

While everything is pre-set and ready to go in minutes, you have plenty of customization options. The tool breaks down your customer base into segments based on engagement and shopping behavior—you can use those or your own customer segments to personalize your communication.

Omnisend also helps you grow the list of subscribers: you can adjust the offered sign-up pop-ups, bars, or wheels of fortune to capture more leads from different store pages. Plus, it allows you to experiment with push notifications to build better engagement with store visitors. 

When your campaigns are running, you can track their performance in the app’s analytical dashboards. On top of campaign reports, Omnisend provides you with a real-time view of visitor activity and a breakdown of customer lifecycle stages. 

The best thing is, Omnisend allows you to try all its features for free. The free plan includes 500 emails and 60 SMSs to 250 contacts, as well as all the templates, forms, and automations. 

The paid plans are Standard ($16 per month) and Pro ($59 per month), and they both allow reaching out to up to 500 contacts. Standard gives access to 6,000 monthly emails and 60 SMSs, while Pro doesn’t have a limit and features advanced reports. There might be additional charges in each plan if you need extra SMS credits or more contacts to reach. 



Universal solution for emails, SMSs, and push notifications

Easy-to-set automation workflows

Analytical dashboards to measure your campaigns

Segmentation capabilities to improve targeting


Some merchants have trouble understanding the available app’s features without the support team’s assistance

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