Flow is now available to Advanced Shopify merchants

Maxim Drkos


April 14, 2022

Flow is now available to Advanced Shopify merchants

The Flow app became available for stores on the Advanced Shopify plan. It allows setting up different workflows to automate your processes: for example, you can get low stock alerts or assign bulk discounts with no manual action.

Flow is now available to Advanced Shopify merchants

For a long time, the Shopify Flow app was only available for stores on Shopify Plus and represented one of this plan’s biggest benefits. Shopify has now decided to make Flow available to stores on the Advanced Shopify plan starting from March 22. If your store runs on the Basic or Shopify plan, this is a major incentive to get Advanced.

Why is Flow such a desirable app?

Flow allows you to set up workflows. Workflow is a chain of triggers, conditions and actions. These chains are then in charge of automating different processes so you don't have to manage them manually. Thus, with workflows you save hours or even days of work per month.

Setting conditions in the Shopify Flow app

How complicated is it to get started with Flow?

Flow is fairly easy to understand, and setting up most of the workflows takes little time. More complex workflows require testing and validating their logic. Start with simple workflows and connections to get to know the application. You will then quickly get the hang of it and setting up other workflows will be a breeze.

Is it possible to connect processes from other applications to workflows?

Yes, Flow can use triggers, actions and conditions from other applications or integrations. Not every application can be used in Flow, but most of the largest applications and integrations can be linked to Flow. Some of these integrations include Google Sheets, Klaviyo, Asana, Gorgias, Yotpo, Slack, and Reviews.io. You can find a list of these integrations here.

Setting up actions in the Shopify Flow app

Examples of using Flow

There are almost no limits when it comes to Flow. We'll show you some examples of how Flow can be used in practice and why you should start using it. 

  • Reward your loyal customers. You can tag customers who spend over a certain amount on your store or who have already made a number of orders. Flow will mark these customers as VIP and you can set up an automatic email, thanking them for their loyalty and giving them a discount on their next purchase.
  • Low stock alerts. You can set up a workflow that will send an automatic email alerting you when there are less than 15 units of a given product in stock. This lets you know in time that you need to order more products and arrange for them to be restocked.
  • Automatic discounts. Automatically assign a bulk discount to your customers. Set up a simple workflow that will give customers a 15% discount if they order 10 or more units of a selected product. 

By setting up a few workflows you can save a lot of time, automate most of your internal processes and optimize them. Click the button below and integrate the app right now!

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