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Weglot is one of the most popular Shopify apps for store translations and localizations. It supports machine and manual translations for all elements of your store. The free plan includes one language and up to 2,000 words.

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Do you speak your customer's language? Not yet? Translating your store can accelerate your conversions. Leveraging the translation app Weglot you'll make sure all of your customers are able to place an order in their preferred language.

Trusted by 50 000+ businesses Weglot can help you localize your business and make your website multilingual in minutes. The app uses both machine and human translation which enables to translate and publish the content faster. Weglot translates your entire store automatically and afterward you are free to adjust any translation manually. You can also add and set subdomains throughout the app's admin to enable multilingual SEO.

Checkouts can be also translated with the help of the app. Weglot indicates Shopify the language chosen by the visitor to make Shopify display the same language. Another big advantage that Weglot has is a visual editor that allows you to go through your store and edit any text you see.

As for the Weglot pricing, it supports a translation to over 100 languages, however in order to translate your store to more than one language, you'll have to upgrade your free plan to at least a Business plan which costs €19/month. All Weglot's plans are limited by a number of words and translation requests, which is approximately equal to the number of monthly translated page views on your website. It means that if you have higher traffic on your website, you would have to go for higher plans.



Easy to manage translations from the Weglot account

Trusted by 50,000+ businesses worldwide

Combination of machine and human translation

Translation of the checkout page and email notifications

Visual editor to translate any text on your store

Customizable appearance of the language selector


10-days free trial is limited to 1 translated language, 10,000 translated words, and 5,000 translation requests

The app's UI is not embedded into Shopify's store admin, managing translation is available only externally from the Weglot account

You can translate URLs and add team members to the project only in the Pro plan

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