Case Study: How ohsnap made $44k in 30 days using Candy Rack

Case Study: How ohsnap made $44k in 30 days using Candy Rack

In this case study, we’re going to show you how ohsnap optimized cross-selling and made $44k in 30 days using Candy Rack.

Case Study: How ohsnap made $44k in 30 days using Candy Rack

Ohsnap makes really cool phone accessories that – in their own words “don’t suck.”

  • Their products include a grip, stand and magnet, as well as a magnetic wireless charger. They also have premium options to choose from.
  • Their products are all designed to be compatible with one another, meaning if a customer buys one of their products, they can buy another and easily integrate the two.

And you know what all this compatibility means?

“Cross-selling opportunities”

Ohsnap spotted this and enlisted Digismoothie’s app Candy Rack to help.
In this case study, we’re going to show you how they optimized cross-selling and made $44k in 30 days using Candy Rack.

The Company

Before their founder Dale Backus created OhSnap, he realized that most mobile accessories are not only unattractive – they also don’t go well together. So, they made a commitment: To produce innovative, hyper-cool mobile accessories that work together beautifully.

For instance, their grip, stand and magnet are all compatible with their magnetic wireless charger. Together, they make using a phone way better than ever before.

They care about the details and all of their products are original. Even after the success they have achieved, they are always innovating with several new products in development.

The Challenge

OhSnap ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, which helped them raise more than $600k, in 2019.

In their 3 months selling history thereafter, they were averaging $200k in monthly revenue.

However, they were still facing uncertain times and needed to find a way of upping the ante and keeping the momentum going after that winning Kickstarter campaign.

They knew that their target customers were phone lovers who would appreciate all-in-one phone accessory solutions, and they wanted to show them how their products complimented each other – as opposed to being the kind of brand whom you purchase a single product off and never shop with again.

They didn’t want a whole bunch of one-time purchases. After all, it’s 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one.

In other words, they wanted to cross-sell supplementary products in order to maximize sales. However, cross-selling is always risky because if you don’t get it right, you run the risk of ruining any relationship you had been building with your customers.

But when done correctly, cross-selling builds customer loyalty and increases conversion rates.  

That all said, Ohsnap still needed to find a way of helping their customers discover their supplementary products whilst they were still in ‘buying mode.’

They needed an app to help them.

The Solution

Candy Rack is an app produced by Digismoothie. It’s a cross-selling and upselling app that lets you offer extra services, related products or free gifts to your customers that complement the ones they’ve added to their cart.

At Digismoothie, we knew Candy Rack was perfect for a company like Ohsnap because Ohsnap has everything you need to maximize cross-selling opportunities. They have a compelling product that they were selling at an affordable price, and they were already communicating it well. They just needed the technology to help them increase their average order value (AOV) by communicating the benefits of purchasing more of their products in order to create an all-round empowered phone experience.

Ohsnap tapped into Candy Rack’s cross-selling potential by using the product recommendations API. They were able to focus on their business whilst allowing the Artificial Intelligence to take care of the cross-selling aspect.

Not just that, but Candy Rack also comes with best-performing templates, which meant that Ohsnap were able to optimize their cross-selling strategy by targeting the right customers with templates that were literally designed for better results.

The process was simple: A customer would go to purchase one of Ohsnap’s products. Then, Candy Rack would display a one click cross-sell popup window that offered them something extra, such as a related product, or even a bundle. This product was already set by Ohsnap and the popup looked like this:

Ohsnap cross-sell Candy Rack pop-up

Because the products were a) displayed well and b) supplementary, Ohsnap and Candy Rack were able to work together to persuade customers to add something a little extra to their cart.

Not just that, but Ohsnap could tweak their cross-selling offers at any time to maximize sales. If something wasn’t quite working, either with the offer or the supplementary products, they could check the analytics and make the necessary alterations. This ensured that the popups weren’t annoying, and that Ohsnap’s relationship with their customers wasn’t at risk.

The Results

Candy Rack was created to help businesses increase their revenue per month in just a few steps via the simple magic of upselling and cross-selling.

For Ohsnap, it worked a dream.

In some ways, the results might have surprised even Ohsnap. Within 30 days of using Candy Rack, Ohsnap made an extra $44k. They did this simply via one click cross-sells (they didn’t even touch on upsells!):

Ohsnap upsell analytics in Candy Rack

The biggest win was that Ohsnap had finally found a way to take their unique business to the next level with cross-selling. Conversions were up, as was average order value.

As said, Ohsnap didn’t even tap into the potential of upselling with Candy Rack. And yet with one click upsell’s, and with a good upselling strategy behind you that consists of being relevant, being creative and increasing urgency with your offers, you can utilize both cross-selling and upselling to gain similar (and perhaps better) results than Ohsnap achieved.

And the best thing is that Candy Rack comes with a 14 day trial period, which allows companies like Ohsnap to get the best out of it risk-free!

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