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The simplest way to boost your revenue on Shopify using a one click upsell pop-up. Start upselling today and take advantage of our free 14-day trial.

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Candy Rack — One Click Upsell

Candy Rack allows you to upsell your customers by offering extra services, free gifts and/or related product bundles (frequently bought together) via the modern one click upsell popup window which looks great even on mobile devices. How Candy Rack is different from other upsell or bundle apps? It’s simple, slick and effective.

Smart Auto-Upsells

Fully automatic upsells based on the product recommendations API. Focus on your business and let the AI handle the upselling. In the end, the average 7.7% take rate of our Smart Auto-Upsell, says it all.

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Up-sells, Bundles, and Cross-sells

Our tool has a great range of capabilities, but it's still a matter of seconds to set-up effective up-sell with our predefined best-performing templates.

We are here to grow with you

We are here to help you with everything during the creation of perfect up-sells, after it, or before. We do also provide extra services like tailored popup design or upsell strategy for your business. So don't hesitate to contact us and we will walk you through everything.

Candy Rack App Sales Effect

Boost your sales by creating product upsells
Upselling is a great way to boost your revenue on every single order.

You’ve probably seen a candy rack placed immediately before cashiers in your local store, that’s how easy the logic behind upselling with our tool is. Your customer will happily buy some extra goods or services he forgot about, or he will just treat himself, while in shopping fewer, both you and your customer are happy because he got a good deal and the order value is bigger by a few percents. Now multiply it by a significant part of your sales, and you have nice money on the top of your revenue.

How does it work?

  1. Install Candy Rack and create your first upsell
  2. Set the upsell / related product bundle price and whether it should be displayed for all products or just the selected ones.
  3. Once the customer clicks on the ‘Add to cart’ button on the product page, the upsell popup window with your upsell will appear
  4. Monitor and optimize the upsell performance to gain the maximum sales boost

And in the end, don’t worry about a thing, we are glad to help you set it up and also give you a hand with upselling strategy. It’s a thing we love, so why wouldn’t we help!

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