Customize post-purchase upsell offers in Candy Rack

Customize post-purchase upsell offers in Candy Rack

The Candy Rack app now lets you customize the copy of the offers displayed on the standalone post-purchase page.

Customize post-purchase upsell offers in Candy Rack

When using our Candy Rack app for upselling and cross-selling, you can customize your offers to make them more relevant, time-sensitive, and overall fitting to your store. The list of options that you can tweak depends on the upsell placement—you get the highest flexibility with pre-purchase pop-up customization.

Now, you also get the chance to adjust the copy and buttons on the post-purchase standalone page with upsell or cross-sell offers (it’s shown after the purchase is made but before the thank-you page).

How to customize the post-purchase upsell in Candy Rack

To do so, go to the Customization section from the app’s menu and fill out the following strings:

  • Title: Attract customer’s attention by indicating the value of your offer or create a sense of urgency by mentioning that it’s a limited-time deal. We’ll also add the Subtitle field later for you to have even more space to experiment with wordings. 
  • CTA button: You can change the default “Pay now” to something more unique or explanatory. For example, you can use “Add to order” for customers not to think that accepting this offer will trigger another order instead of expanding the existing one.
  • Offer decline button: You can play around with the copy for rejecting the offer.
  • Next and previous offer buttons: In case you have multiple offers set for this upsell placement (just a reminder that you’re not limited in the number of offers you create with Candy Rack), a customer will be able to slide through them. 
Upsell customization in Candy Rack

The offer can also include:

  • Upsell description (that you can fill out in the Upsell Configuration section) below the price
  • Product variants (if any)
  • Quantity selector
  • Product description (taken from the product page) usually limited to a full sentence below the offer CTA

We hope this helps increase conversions for your upsells and cross-sells. Try out different offer placements and experiment with upselling strategies with regard to where it’s displayed. 

Not a Candy Rack user? Try it for free for 14 days.

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