Customize your upsell pop-up in Candy Rack

Customize your upsell pop-up in Candy Rack

Candy Rack offers more customizations: add an extra subtitle to your pop-up, adjust different button colors, and include the “No, thank you” button.

Customize your upsell pop-up in Candy Rack

Our app Candy Rack now features an additional section that allows you to customize your upselling and cross-selling pop-ups.

Previously, you could adjust your pop-up’s colors and wordings under Settings. Now, you have the Customize pop-up section which allows for more flexibility:

  • You have the possibility to add an extra subtitle—for example, to induce urgency for limited-time deals. 
  • You have the option to add the “No, thank you” button next to the “Continue” one. 
  • You can set colors for different buttons individually, rename the buttons, or add and modify their borders. 

Plus, it’s easy to customize the behavior of pop-up’s buttons. You can choose where the customer will be redirected after pressing the button:

Customizing the buttons in Candy Rack

The preview shown in the section updates in real time to show you how each added or changed element affects the pop-up.

That’s it for now, but we plan to incorporate even more customizations, including:

  • Several size options for the added product
  • Real-time mobile preview
  • Customizable translations (automated at the moment)

Stay tuned for updates, and happy upselling with Candy Rack!

If you haven’t tried the app, the free trial is accessible for 14 days.

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