Boost your BFCM success with Candy Rack: An upsell strategy guide

Tomáš Heřmanský


September 10, 2023

Boost your BFCM success with Candy Rack: An upsell strategy guide

In this guide, we'll demonstrate how to maximize the potential of Candy Rack for your business. Candy Rack provides all the tools you need to customize your upsell strategy throughout your customer's entire journey.

Boost your BFCM success with Candy Rack: An upsell strategy guide

Is your Shopify store ready for the year's biggest sales week? September is here, so it’s time to gear up for Black Friday / Cyber Monday (BFCM). BFCM is a week of holiday shopping with discounts galore, right after Thanksgiving. Especially for online sellers, it's a huge money-making opportunity.

Tailor Candy Rack to your store

First, begin by customizing Candy Rack. When you've tailored your pop-up to match the colors, layouts, and tone of voice of your Shopify store, the upsell will feel more like a seamless part of the shopping experience rather than a random pop-up that appears out of nowhere! Customization is straightforward; you can do it yourself. For more advanced customization, such as rounded corners or different behavior, you're welcome to use your own custom CSS or reach out to our support team – we're here to assist you!

Here are a couple of examples of customizations created by our clients:

Grid layout is ideal for showcasing toys, apparel, jewelry, and other items where product visuals are crucial.
The tree structure is more useful if you want to emphasize the relationship between the parent product and upsell.

Did you know that our customers who have customized at least a portion of Candy Rack have, on average, achieved a 14% higher Average Order Value (AOV) compared to the default visuals?

Pre-purchase upsell: Start offering premium versions of products

This placement is ideal for the first attempt to upsell customers with products that convey a sense of premium quality or upgraded versions of what they're purchasing. For example, if they're buying a software package, consider offering a feature-rich or comprehensive version at a higher price point. Alternatively, you can suggest increased storage for the mobile phone they're about to add to their cart.

In simple terms, this step is perfect for boosting the Average Order Value (AOV) by presenting slightly more premium and higher-priced products.

Hidden gem: Let AI determine the perfect upsell for each customer

Candy Rack introduces a remarkable feature that harnesses the power of AI with a single click. Simply create a Smart Auto-Upsell offer, and let the AI recommend a unique, personalized product based on the customer's purchase history and other critical data points. This ensures that the suggested product is the one they're most likely to purchase. What's more, you can display up to 10 Smart Upsell products simultaneously!

Smart Auto-Upsells outperform regular upsells by over 200% due to their laser-focused targeting on specific customers.

In-cart upsells: Highlight your exclusive services

This is the upsell that appears as a pop-up triggered by clicking the checkout button. This step, when the customer is reviewing their cart items and decides to proceed to checkout, is ideal for offering additional services such as engraving, gift packaging, or any other upsell related to the order itself. 

This is a highly effective placement (in fact, the second most converting one after pre-purchase upsells!). When used strategically, these additional services can significantly boost your revenue. You can create any service offer you desire or choose from pre-selected templates that are among the most popular, such as extended warranties or hassle-free gift returns (perfect for the upcoming Christmas season).

Gift packaging is the service offer that generates the highest average order value (AOV) among our clients.

Post-Purchase page upsell

This post-purchase placement, which appears immediately after the user completes their order and has a significant advantage over other placements: the potential upsell can be accepted with a single click, without the need to repeatedly enter payment details, resulting in an extremely high upsell conversion rate. 

That's why this location is ideal for showcasing products with a sense of urgency, such as a same-product upsell. If a customer has just purchased a white t-shirt, they are very likely to purchase an additional one at a 20% discount.

On average, discounted offers outperform non-discounted offers by approximately 70%.

Thank you (order confirmation) page

And is this the end, you might wonder? The customer has completed their purchase and is now looking at the order confirmation page. By the way, did you know that the thank-you page is often called 'the happiest place on the internet'? 😊

A customer has just happily finished their purchase, filled with anticipation for the arrival of their order. But hold on – did they remember everything they needed? Did they perhaps forget something like AA batteries for the toy they just bought? Or a wireless charger for their soon-to-be new phone? 

Thank you page is the perfect spot for upselling smaller, complementary products or bundles that add that extra touch to a customer's experience, ensuring they have everything they need.

So this is it. Now you're using Candy Rack to its full potential. And don't forget – it's always good to check the upsells and analytics at least once a week and optimize on an ongoing basis. Then you can be as successful as some of our clients, like Crooked Youth.

During the BFCM season, we typically observe a 2-3x uplift in almost all merchant metrics compared to the rest of the year. Don't miss out and happy upselling!

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