Crooked Youth – A Digismoothie Partner Success Story

Crooked Youth – A Digismoothie Partner Success Story

As a Digismoothie partner, Crooked Youth not only earn commission for recommending and implementing Digismoothie apps. But by helping their clients increase sales, they also improve their own revenue share. Read on to discover how Crooked Youth got the most out of the Digismoothie Partner Program.

Crooked Youth – A Digismoothie Partner Success Story

Since 2020, the Digismoothie Partner Program has been helping agencies, consultants, influencers and freelancers maximize revenue for their clients using Digismoothie’s proven range of sales-boosting apps.

One of our partners is LA-based Crooked Youth. They successfully leveraged our upsell app Candy Rack to deliver impressive results for one of their clients, an established American indie record label.

Who are Crooked Youth?

Crooked Youth are a Shopify agency that deliver e-commerce solutions for the music & entertainment industry with a focus on front-end creative development, platform migration and marketing automation. Their core business pivots on the following services:

  • Store design & development
  • Theme administration
  • App integration
  • Migrations to Shopify from other platforms
  • Ongoing support and strategy
  • Marketing & advertising

How Crooked Youth delivered for their client using Candy Rack

Crooked Youth have years of experience crafting Shopify e-commerce solutions for music stores, merch outlets, bands and artists. But with thousands of apps to choose from, navigating Shopify can be an overwhelming experience for new users. 

This is where Crooked Youth come in. They use their expertise to tailor the powerful tools available on the Shopify platform for the needs of online businesses working in the music industry. 

They’ve also discovered that helping merchants choose the right apps is central to creating great value propositions that don’t just promise. But ones that deliver.  

Integral to Crooked Youth’s Shopify strategy are their app integration services, covering everything from installation, configuration and reskinning to third-party app customization and consulting. For one of their clients, Rise Records, Crooked Youth leveraged the cross-selling ability of Digismoothie’s Candy Rack app.

Candy Rack's pop-up integrated to the Rise Records store

Using this fully automated feature, the store’s average order value increased from $52.37 to $56.15, with the cross-sell conversion rate reaching an impressive 3.39%. That amounted to about 2% of the store’s revenue based on quarterly figures. And all driven by Candy Rack’s AI-powered upsells. You can read the full case study on the Crooked Youth website here.

Key figures of implementing a Candy Rack's smart auto-upsell feature for Rise Records

Key Takeaways

So once you join the Digismoothie Partner Program, what’ll you be able to offer your clients? In short, a lot. You can ...

  1. Tailor offers for specific  industries. 
  2. Integrate our apps within your existing high-performing Shopify portfolio to maximize store revenue and boost conversion rates.
  3. Offer app installation and configuration as part of your service to create compelling value propositions.
  4. Wow your clients with Digismoothie’s proven track-record of instant results as early as within the first month of leveraging our apps. 
  5. Onboard more clients by presenting impressive results achieved by other Digismoothie partners.

The Crooked Youth success story proves just how effective partnering with Digismoothie can be. But pocketing competitive commission isn’t the only perk of the program. With recurring revenue, priority support, co-marketing opportunities and full access to promo materials, you’ll also be joining our ever-expanding base of affiliate partners. Sign up for the Digismoothie Partner Program here.

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