5 best Shopify themes for jewelry stores

5 best Shopify themes for jewelry stores

We’ve selected some of the most popular Shopify themes among jewelry and accessory stores. Learn about their features to choose the right one for your business.

5 best Shopify themes for jewelry stores

If you’re looking for a Shopify jewelry theme that will suit your business, we’ve prepared a list of suggestions. We’ve selected 5 themes that are promoted specifically to jewelry stores, but you can also go with a multi-purpose theme that is to your liking (Shopify fashion themes might fit as well).

5 top Shopify themes for jewelry stores

There are plenty of multi-purpose themes that are available for free, but we’ll cover the features of some paid ones that are designed with jewelry and accessory merchants in mind. 

Note that themes available directly on Shopify are free until you make your store live, so you can experiment with different ones without having to pay right away. They all also come with unlimited support from Shopify. 

Third-party themes have other pricing rules and usually require you to pay more to have extended support for over 6 months. In turn, the competitive advantage of third-party templates for Shopify is the inclusion of additional features that require apps in other cases. 

1. Envy

Envy by Eight Themes offers several styles, including Gothernburg, which is often used by jewelry and accessory merchants. At the price of $350, this cross-platform compatible and mobile-optimized template will provide you with a lot of helpful features.

Here’s what the Envy theme includes in terms of its functionality:

  • Multiple cart options. You can go with the cart drawer that is fully interactive on the side of any page. 
Cart drawer in the Envy Shopify theme

  • Quick view and add-to-cart. You can let customers view product images and add them to carts right from the collection pages. 

  • Promotions displayed in the menu. Besides banners and pop-ups, you can make your promos visible in the mega menu. 

  • Cross-selling areas. The theme features a cool template that allows you to put several products in a single look or recommendation section. 
Cross-selling in the Envy Shopify theme

Also, you can interest shoppers in additional products by adding relevant ones below product descriptions. 

Cross-selling in the Envy Shopify theme

  • Size guide pop-up. Create custom size charts and make them expandable from product pages. 

  • Infinite scroll on collection pages. You can ditch pagination and show more products as a user scrolls down the page. 

  • Live search. The theme includes search capabilities that will present the results in real time. 
Live search in the Envy Shopify theme

Social proof in the Envy Shopify theme

2. Mojuri

Mojuri by wpbingo costs $48 (with up to 6-month support) and is one of the most popular choices among jewelry and accessory merchants. This template features lots of layouts to choose from: 8 for the homepage, 9 for product pages, 10+ for blog posts, as well as multiple headers and mega menu designs. It’s fully optimized for mobile and different browsers. 

Homepage layouts in the Mojury Shopify theme
Product page layouts in the Mojuri Shopify theme

Here are some helpful functionalities available in the Mojuri theme:

  • Different media support on product pages. You can arrange product images in multiple ways and also include videos or 3D models to better visualize your products. 

  • Flexible filtering options for unlimited product attributes. Filtering will update the results in real time as a user selects or deselects various filters. 

  • Live search. The theme includes a fast search that shows suggested products as a user types in a request. 
Live search in the Mojuri Shopify theme

  • Upselling and cross-selling. You can implement soft upselling methods by adding a Frequently Bought Together section or grouping items in bundles

  • In-cart enhancements like order notes, coupons, and shipping estimates. You can let customers engage with the cart drawer and get full information about their order before they go to checkout. 
Order notes in the Mojuri hopify theme

  • Different cart modifications. You can choose if you want the cart to be displayed as a drawer or always redirect to a cart page. 

  • Templates for numerous non-product pages. You can easily create pages with your contact details, FAQs, etc. 

  • Hover effect on product images. The theme supports 3 hover styles so that visitors can see multiple images before going to the product page.

  • Countdowns. You can add a countdown timer to a product page to let shoppers know about a limited sales event. 
Countdown timer in the Mojuri Shopify theme

  • Automated image resizing and lazy loading. The theme does some image optimization tasks for you. 

3. Expression

Expression by Clean Canvas offers several styles, with Naturale being the right fit for jewelry stores. The theme costs $240 and claims to be ideal for large-inventory shops. It supports translation into major European languages and is cross-browser compatible.

Among the features included in the Expression theme, you can enjoy the following:

  • Product badges. On collection pages, you can show that certain items are on sale or currently unavailable.
Product badges in the Expression Shopify theme

  • Promotional banners and pop-ups. You can design different sections to inform visitors about your sales events and experiment with their placement.  
Promo banners in the Expression Shopify theme

  • Recently viewed and recommended products. Design the section that will remind store visitors about the items they’re interested in or the items that can potentially be interesting to them. 

  • Stock counters. You can add stock availability information to products so that customers feel encouraged to make a purchase in case of a low-stock status

  • Color swatches. Your product pages will look neat and clean with simple color swatches that automatically show the right variant. 
Color swatches in the Expression Shopify theme

  • Image zoom. The theme includes image zooming that helps shoppers explore your product images in detail. 

  • Testimonials. You can add customer reviews to different parts of your store in order to boost trust. 
Testimonials in the Expression Shopify theme

  • Enhanced search, filtering, and sorting. The theme features a complex and flexible navigation system, as well as live search. 
Navigation in the Expression Shopify theme

4. Corano

Corano by HasTech is another template for Shopify jewelry stores that costs $48 (with 6-month support included). It offers 8 homepage variations (with RTL support and a dark version), multiple header designs, and different views for collection pages (grid, list, etc.). The theme works as a drag-and-drop page builder that is easy to understand and customize.

Homepage layouts in the Corano Shopify theme
Page layouts in the Corano Shopify theme

Let’s explore some additional features the Corano theme offers:

  • Various product media with the support of 3D, AR, and videos. You can design content-rich product pages that not only show photos but support videos and 3D/AR visualizations

  • Product sliders on collection pages and homepage. Product sliders will save space, making your page look clean, and at the same time, will allow you to present an infinite number of items.  

  • Product comparison. You can let customers add several products to comparison by using the option on image hove. 
Product comparison in the Corano Shopify theme

  • Multi-purpose pop-ups. You can design pop-ups with sign-ups to motivate visitors to become your customers. 
Sales pop-up in the Corano Shopify theme

  • Customer testimonials. Add reviews to get more trust in your products. 

  • Frequently Bought Together. The theme features an Amazon-style Frequently Bought Together section, which you can use to encourage more sales. 
Cross-selling in the Corano Shopify theme

5. Cascade

Cascade by Switch is another theme suitable for jewelry stores, especially if you go with the Elegant style. It costs $320 and differs from the majority of templates by its asymmetrical layout.

In terms of functionality, the Cascade team offers you the following:

  • Asymmetrical designs for the homepage, blogs, and other pages. Layout choices are what make this theme stand out. Set up product galleries, blog posts, and other elements using asymmetrical templates. 
Product page layout in the Cascade Shopify theme
Blog layout in the Cascade Shopify theme

  • Sticky cart and sticky header. Make the most important areas of the page visible regardless of where a user is scrolling. 

  • Multiple menu modifications. You can adjust the size of your menu and make it slide in from the side. 
Side menu in the Cascade Shopify theme

  • Recommended products. You can design cross-selling sections that will suggest the most popular items. 

  • Pre-made product badges with icons. Add relevant information about your brand, production, shipping, or anything else that might be helpful and convincing to customers. 
Product badges in the Cascade Shopify theme

  • Color swatches. The theme makes it easy to organize your product variants and present them on product pages. 

  • Animated elements. You can add text lines or visual elements that will move on a page, making it more engaging and vibrant. 
Animated text line in the Cascade Shopify theme

Create a stunning store with the right Shopify theme

Choosing a Shopify theme for your business is no easy task: there are plenty of options, and it might be hard to spot the unique features some templates have over others. We recommend starting your research with the most popular themes in your niche—like those we’ve described here—and taking a look at the running stores that employ those themes. 

We can also help you with a Shopify store set-up, choosing the right theme based on your criteria and implementing it according to your vision. 

If you already have a store but are looking to change its look and feel, you can change a Shopify theme at any time.

For more tips on launching a store and getting it right from the start, check out these posts:

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