Top 7 best Shopify apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Peter Galbavy


November 13, 2023

Top 7 best Shopify apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Check out our curated list of best Shopify apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday and you'll have the basics covered.

Top 7 best Shopify apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are key dates in the e-commerce calendar. Those are the dates when record-breaking sales are frequently made. But there is also a lot of tension. Marketing campaigns are planned for months and your e-shop should be in perfect shape. In terms of sudden traffic increase, Shopify got your back with their hosting service, but what about all the apps? What apps will bring you more sales, better conversion rates, help you cover intense support, and most importantly won’t let you down when you’ll need them? Check out our curated list of best Shopify apps for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and you’ll have the basics covered.

1. Gift Box

With all the craziness going on during BFCM, free gift for your customers might be the right choice to convert them. Gift Box helps with AOV increasing by giving out gifts after a certain threshold in the cart is overcame. All that is done in a very natural and slick process.

Gift Box Shopify App Cyber Monday

Check out the list of the best Shopify free gift apps.

2. Candy Rack

It’s BFCM time and you are offering some great deals, you have a solid conversion rate and nice sales. The only thing to tweak is the AOV. Why wouldn’t you offer some extra products or services that complement your best selling deals via our own product upsell app – Candy Rack. Candy Rack allows you to upsell your customers by offering extra services and products via cross-sells and true-upsells. All that by using slick pop-up windows. Setting up is really easy and our biggest advantage is that we focus on user-friendly admin and research-based pop-up UI.

Black Friday upsell Shopify app Candy Rack

Check out the list of the best Shopify upselling apps.

3. Essential Countdown Timer Bar

What drives conversion rates more than a sense of urgency? Essential Countdown Timer Bar is great for occasional sales exactly like BFCM. However, you can use it on a regular basis if you’ll make something like weekend offers and give some discount on specific products, but don’t overdo it with countdowns in a long term or you’ll lose your credibility and always make real discounts and don’t only make.

Check out the list of the best Shopify countdown timer apps.

4. Product Filter & Search

Big e-commerce players sometimes don’t have the best visuals, but their filtering is in most cases a top-notch UX design. If you have a reasonable amount of products consider using some advanced search app. Your customers will have a better experience on your site and if you’ll give them smoother sales funnel you might also increase the conversion rate. Product filter & Search gives you great horizontal or vertical filters and full-text search through all of your products. We in Digismoothie highly recommend it.

Prduct filter BFCM app Shopify

Check out the list of the best Shopify site search apps.

5. Klaviyo – Email Marketing

Let your customers know why to seek the best BFCM deals in your store. It’s always cheaper to reactivate the customer that already bought something from you. A great way to do this is to send use an emailing campaign. Klaviyo is well established and premium emailing app that’ll give you advanced targeting, analytics, and ready to use email templates.

Klaviyo BFCM Shopify apps

Also, if you want to try Shopify’s native emailing solution for free checkout Shopify Email.

6. Gorgias – Live Chat & Helpdesk

New customers, bigger traffic and more sales go usually hand in hand with an increased number of support requests from your customers. When store owners communicate with customers on a regular basis via chat, they tend to get overwhelmed when the store traffic multiplies for a few days. Afterward, they have to deal with some negative reviews regarding the support their store provides, even when they perform quite well most of the time. To manage the short time bump in support tickets try to use some automation apps. A great app to choose for your Shopify store is Gorgias, which will help you to automate some tasks and reduce the time you need for communication while not degrading the customer experience.

Gorgias Shopify app BFCM

There is a lot of CRM apps on Shopify Appstore. If you have a smaller store you will definitely find some cheaper solutions, but if you are looking for a safe all-in-one solution, Gorgias is an excellent choice.

7. Yotpo – Product Reviews & Photos

Yotpo is an incredibly useful app to gain more insight into your store and service quality, and it’s a great tool to increase your conversion rates via customer reviews. Social proof is a crucial section that can be your competitive advantage especially for first-time visitors to your Shopify e-shop. And if you still don’t have any feedback on your store, let’s use that BFCM traffic to gain it in a customer-centric way that Yotpo provides.

Yotpo Black Friday Shopify app

Check out the list of the best Shopify product review apps.

Be ready for anything on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

All of the mentioned apps might help you during BFCM in terms of sales or customer experience. However, it’s good to be ready that something might go wrong during sales and have a back-up plan on how to maintain your shop functioning. So let’s try those apps and enjoy the profit.

To prepare your store for successful holiday season, check out our 10 essential Black Friday tips.

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