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A true upsell in e-commerce or marketing refers to a sales technique where a customer is offered a higher-end or more expensive product or service than the one they originally intended to purchase. The aim of a true upsell is to encourage the customer to spend more money by showcasing a premium option that offers additional value, features, or benefits. Unlike a cross-sell, which involves offering related or complementary products, a true upsell involves persuading the customer to upgrade to a more expensive item within the same product category. This can help increase the average order value and profitability of a transaction. True upselling is considered effective when the upsell is genuinely beneficial to the customer and addresses their needs or preferences. It should not come across as pushy or insincere, as this could lead to customer dissatisfaction. By presenting a true upsell in a helpful and persuasive manner, businesses can increase their revenue and enhance customer satisfaction.

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