New Feature in Candy Rack – True Upsells (Upgrades)

We are constantly improving our flagship upsell app Candy Rack and adding new features on a regular basis. The latest addition are the true upsells a.k.a. upgrades. It allows merchants to set up upsell offer which will replace the original (parent) product when added to cart. How does it work and what is it good for?

Most of the Shopify community is calling upsell anything which is being added to the cart. In fact, when the product is added to the cart while the original one stays, that’s called cross-selling. Upselling is a technique when the original product is replaced by the upsell product when added to the cart. We have already covered this topic in our Ultimate Upsell Guide for Shopify.

Until now, Candy Rack supported only cross-selling. But many merchants have been asking us to add the true upselling feature and we listened. We are excited the app fully supports that and flow/UX is top-notch as you can see in the gif below. You can also visit our preview store to experience the app in action.

Candy Rack True Upsells in Action

Candy Rack True Upsells in Action

When a customer adds the upgrade from the pop-up, it replaces the original product in the cart. Including changing the products visually on the pop-up. Plus all the other cross-sells are still available!

What Are the True Upsells Good For

True upsells or product upgrades are a great way to motivate your customers to buy a more expensive version of the same product. For example, when a customer is buying an iPhone with 64 GB memory, you can offer him the same one but with 128 GB memory which is more expensive. Or when a customer is buying a 1 kg of protein, you can offer him a 2-kilogram package.

How To Set Up True Upsell in Candy Rack

To set it up go to Candy Rack » New Upsell » Product Upsell » Customize » Advanced configuration and check the option called ““. And that’s it.

True Upsell Setup in the Candy Rack App UI

True Upsell Setup in the Candy Rack App UI

You can also have multiple upsells on the same pop-up by creating more upsell offers with the same targeting.

Unfortunately, you can’t select a specific product variant to be offered as upsell. This is something we are still working on and plan to release during September 2019.

About Candy Rack

Candy Rack is an upsell app for Shopify which allow merchants to offer custom services or bundle products to increase the store revenue. Upsells are offered via slick pop-up which looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. The average upsell conversion the merchants are achieving is around 5%.

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Candy Rack is priced at $29.99 per month, but you can also try a 14-day risk-free trial.

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