Candy Rack – The Ultimate Upsell Pop-up for Shopify

After almost 2 months of development, we have finally released our first Shopify plugin called Candy Rack. It’s a simple app through which you can offer extra services to your customers via a modal pop-up window. Like wrapping the order in a gift packaging for $5 extra. Or offer an extended warranty. Or any other customer service which is tailored to your business and customers.

It’s not just another upsell & cross-sell app. It’s a powerful tool for store owners to offer anything extra in a beautiful and simple way. And of course, the app (e.g. the modal pop-up window) is optimized both for mobile and desktop.

Rating: ⭐ 4.9 of 5 stars

What Can the App Do

The app is primarily designed to help store owners to grow the business. Either using the extra services to drive AOV (Average Order Value) or free services to drive conversion (e.g. motivate customers to finish the checkout process. Both will result in getting more business.

Candy Rack Upsells Overview

Candy Rack Upsells Overview

Candy Rack contains 3 pre-designed offers – Gift Packaging, Extended Warranty, and Premium Email Support. Using Custom Offer, you can create a specific offer and customize everything from the product name, messaging, price to targeting. All offers can be targeted either on all products, or just specific products/collections.

How Much Does It Cost

Candy Rack costs are pretty low – only $39.99 per month. Considering the uplift from using the app should be far bigger. We are also offering a free 14-day trial, so you can test it and decide whether it fits your needs or not.

How to Use the App

We believe using the Candy Rack and setting the offers is pretty straightforward. Anyway, here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the Candy Rack listing in the Shopify App Store and click on ‘Add app’
  2. Select the Shopify store where you would like the app to be installed and click on ‘Log in’
  3. Once the app is successfully installed and added to your store, you should see a confirmation and be on the ‘New Upsell’ page
  4. Select one of our pre-defined offers (just be sure you are ready to fulfill it when someone buys it) or create a custom one
  5. Click on ‘Activate’ to enable the selected offer for all products. For any customizations click on ‘Customize’
  6. Congratulations, you have enabled your first offer. You should now see it on the app dashboard
  7. To make sure it’s working, go to the product page and click on ‘Add to cart’. The pop-up window with your offer should appear

If you need more information you can read our full-featured manual on How to create your first upsell (including video).

We also keep working hard on making Candy Rack better and the next version will allow product up-sells or cross-sells. If you have any questions or feedback regarding Candy Rack, just let us know in the comments below or this contact form. You may also check the Candy Rack FAQs.

Rating: ⭐ 4.9 of 5 stars

About Author

Tom is one of our Customer Success Gurus and knows everything about our apps and how to set them up. He's likely the guy you will talk to when you need help. Tom's favorite topic is upselling/cross-selling about which he also likes to write on our blog. If he's not helping merchants he's likely out doing something crazy like parachuting or downhill longboarding.


  1. Does this app work on both a shopify online store as well as the in-store POS system? We have both and I’m looking for a bundle and upselling app that can work on both platforms.

    • Hi Eric,

      Great question! To be honest, we don’t know! Would you mind trying it and letting us know? We will be happy to fix any issues.


  2. Hi there,

    Your app is by far the best design/ux available for upsell/crossell on shopify. But, right know, it’s useless for us. I’ll explain.
    We would like to offer upsell/crossell on the cart page, when customer hit the checkout bouton, Like “What about an extended garantie for all the items in your order”
    Is there away to do that with your app? (you can contact me by email if you want to).

    • Hi Francois,

      Many thanks for your comment and feedback. Upselling on the Cart page is something we are working on. In fact, we do have a new app called Candy Cart in the Shopify approval queue. Hopefully, it should be available soon.



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