Is the new Shopify one-page checkout better vs. the multi-page one?

Is the new Shopify one-page checkout better vs. the multi-page one?

We analyzed the data from the real Shopify store to answer the ultimate question. Is the new Shopify one-page checkout better than the old multi-page one? The short answer – yes, it is!

Is the new Shopify one-page checkout better vs. the multi-page one?

Update (March 2024): We put together one-page checkout optimization guide focused solely on the new (reduced) layout.

Update (November 2023): All merchants (including Shopify Basic) can now choose between the one-page and three-page checkout layout.

It's been two weeks since we started migrating some of our stores to the new one-page checkout by Shopify. We have almost two weeks of data to look at and analyze the performance versus the old, multi-page checkout.

The short answer is the one-page checkout seems to be converting better by roughly 7.5%. Unfortunately, we couldn't run a proper A/B test, and comparing period-over-period data is always tricky and less reliable.

We have analyzed only one store so far, but we plan to analyze more of them.

Performance analysis of the checkout conversion rate for multi-page and one-page Shopify checkouts

As you can see from the data, the average checkout conversion went up from 54% to 57%. The performance in the last 5 days has reached over 60% conversion, so the trend seems positive.

How we measured the performance

To calculate the checkout conversion rate, we took the number of orders placed and divided it by reached checkouts. Basically calculating what percentage of customers who got into checkout finished their order. We didn't want to take the session-based conversion rate as many other factors can influence it.

Online store conversion over time report in Shopify

If you want to run a similar analysis, go to your store admin > Analytics > Reports and find an "Online store conversion over time" report. You can export the data and "play" with them in Excel or Google Sheets.

It's also worth noting that the analyzed store has always been the perfect candidate for the one-page checkout. It has a low AOV ($20) and a simple product, with most orders having 1-2 line items. 80% of the traffic comes from mobile devices. The number of sessions and reached checkouts was roughly the same, with no major spikes or bottoms.

Conclusion – is the one-page checkout better?

If I should answer simply yes or no, I tend to say yes – the new one-page checkout performs better. However, we still need to analyze more stores, especially the ones with higher AOV.

To further improve the conversion rate of your one-page checkout make sure to checkout our 12 tips to optimize your Shopify one-page checkout.

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