Candy Rack is free for new stores

Candy Rack is free for new stores

Our app for upselling and cross-selling Candy Rack is now free for stores with up to 20 orders per month. Enjoy its full functionality at the early stages of your business.

Candy Rack is free for new stores

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the change in our business model, we no longer offer the free plan. However, if you are a new business, just let us know via in-app chat, and we'll do our best to support you.

Our app for upselling Candy Rack now has a free plan. It offers full functionality—including free customization by our support team—and is tailored for newly launched stores that have up to 20 monthly orders

We want to support new stores and help them grow at minimum expense. With Candy Rack, you can create an unlimited number of upsell and cross-sell offers that can be shown on product pages or after the purchase (on the thank-you page of before it). With the right approach, upselling can help you increase your revenue by up to 30%.

On top of that, each offer is customizable: you can adjust colors, buttons, titles and subtitles, and other details. Learn more from our posts about pre-purchase upsell customization and post-purchase upsell customization.

The app also provides you with an analytical dashboard where you can track the conversion rate of each active upsell. Using the insights, you’ll be able to adjust your offers at any moment. 

If you need help setting up Candy Rack or customizing your offers' appearance, feel free to contact our support via the in-app chat.

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