Get Shopify free trial for 3 moths for 1 dollar

Get Shopify free trial for 3 moths for 1 dollar

Learn how to get Shopify free trial for 3 months (90 days) for 1 dollar per month. Alternatively, you can select 50% off for the first year. Take advantage of these exclusive offers and start your business today.

Get Shopify free trial for 3 moths for 1 dollar

Important update (June, 2024): The 3 months for $1 offer is no longer available. To get the latest deal please check our Shopify Free Trial guide.

Shopify comes with an exciting update for their free trial pricing. From November 2022, you can get the free trial practically for 93 days! How does it work?

You start by enrolling in a "regular" free trial which lasts 3 days. After (or during) the short trial period, you can select the Shopify Basic or Shopify Starter plan for $1 for the first three months. Shopify Standard and Shopify Advanced plans are for a regular price of $79 and $299 per month.

Shopify monthly pricing during the free trial

Shopify offered the $1 free trial back in June 2022, but only as a time-limited offer. It seems it worked well, and now it's offered as a regular onboarding strategy.

To get the offer, simply click on the button below and follow the instructions on the landing page. If you need help, follow the instructions in our article How to get a free Shopify trial.

$1 for 3 months or saving 50% first year

Another interesting offer is 50% off for the first year, which is also presented during the trial period. Unfortunately, you can't combine both, so we calculated the total costs to see which saves you more.

Shopify yearly pricing during the free trial

As you can see in the table below, the total yearly costs with a 50% offer are $173, which is significantly lower compared to $264 in the case of the $1 offer. If you plan to run your business for more than 6 months, it definitely makes sense to take the 50% offer instead.

Month Price with 1$ offer Price with 50% off offer
M01 $1 $14.44
M02 $1 $14.44
M03 $1 $14.44
M04 $29 $14.44
M05 $29 $14.44
M06 $29 $14.44
M07 $29 $14.44
M08 $29 $14.44
M09 $29 $14.44
M10 $29 $14.44
M11 $29 $14.44
M12 $29 $14.44
M01 - M12 $264 $173.28

What's also important is the 50% offer applies to all Shopify plans, including Standard and Advanced.

Start your Shopify store for free and pay only $1 for the first monthStart your Shopify store for free and pay only $1 for the first month

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