Connect the Loyal app to Klaviyo to automate email campaigns

Connect the Loyal app to Klaviyo to automate email campaigns

Learn about integrating Klaviyo to Loyal to create automated email flows targeted at different customer segments.

Connect the Loyal app to Klaviyo to automate email campaigns

Our Loyal app for customer segmentation now allows you to integrate Klaviyo for streamlining your email marketing campaigns. It will help you improve communication with different customer groups and automate segment-targeted emails. 

If you’re not using the tool, learn about the major benefits of Klaviyo for Shopify stores. 

How to connect Klaviyo to Loyal

First of all, you need to have a Klaviyo account and connect it to your store. In the Loyal app, you have to go to Settings and select automated weekly analysis and tagging:

Settings in the Loyal app

In your Klaviyo account, follow these steps:

1. Go to Audience > Lists & Segments > create a new segment. When doing so, use Definition and insert properties—select Shopify Tags and specify that they should contain the following: loyal app: {segment name}.

Segments in Klaviyo

2. Go to Flows and create a new flow. Select the segment you’ve just created as a trigger and set email as action. That’s it—fill in the content for your emails and enable this flow. 

Flows in Klaviyo

Loyal automatically assigns customer tags on Shopify and keeps them up to date when customers move from one segment to another. 

Loyal segments your customers based on the RFM model. Learn more about how RFM segmentation works and what benefits it brings. 

To create effective email flows based on customer segments, think about what value you can offer to them based on their behavior. We recommend prioritizing "Loyal At Risk" and "About To Sleep" segments as these are the shoppers who are already interested in your products but might switch to a competitor if you don’t keep them engaged. Bring their attention to your store by offering personalized discounts, explaining the benefits of newly launched products, giving customizable bundles, etc.

Explore Loyal’s features during a 30-day free trial. After that, the pricing depends on the number of customers and starts from $9.99 per month. 

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