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Loyal is a Shopify app for segmenting your audience and dealing with each group based on its shopping habits and interests. The app also gives you tips on building personalized communication with each group. And the great thing is, it’s totally free.

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Advertisements that generalize the customer and their needs are not the best choice for your store. The Loyal Shopify app is made to improve your retention. The app analyzes your order history and creates six groups of customers based on RFM analysis. It examines how frequently and recently a customer is purchasing products. Additionally, Loyal also monitors such metrics as customer lifetime value, orders per customer, and average order value. 

Based on the gathered information, Loyal can tag each customer into one of six groups and prepare some tips and recommendations to build a successful communication strategy with each segment. All data can be exported in CSV for such tools as Facebook, Google, or Klaviyo.

Customer segment graph in the Loyal app

The Loyal app divides all customers into the following six groups:

1. The new group for first-time buyers.

2. The about-to-sleep group is for customers who do not buy often.

3. The sleepers group is for visitors who did not order in a while and have a low number of total purchases.

4. The potential loyal group for ones who made a purchase recently.

5. The loyal group is for customers returning regularly.

6. The loyal-at-risk group is for visitors who used to order much but haven’t been active recently.

This app is completely for free with no limitations.


Digestible segments based on RFM analysis

Recommendations for building a communication strategy for each customer group

Data export

24/7 support


It does a good job with predefined 6 segments, but if you need more groups or custom-created ones, you’ll have to use another app 

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