Meet Nada, the New Out of Stock Last App for Shopify

We used to run an app called Out of Stock Last, but unfortunately, we had to sunset it due to its performance and unreliability. However, we still saw a need for an app that can easily manage out-of-stock products and move them to the end of the collection. Today we are super excited to introduce you to Nada, our latest app, which does exactly that.

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Nada is a simple app that automatically pushes sold-out products to the bottom of the collection. You can select which collections you would like to keep sorted, and the app will take care of the rest.

Once the Auto-Sort is turned off, the collection is reverted back to the original state. That includes manual sort.

The dashboard of the Nada: Sort & Hide Out‑of‑Stock app

The dashboard of the Nada: Sort & Hide Out‑of‑Stock app

Nada is resurrected version of our Out of Stock Last app, which has been delisted from the Shopify App Store in October 2019. The reason for delisting was the app reliability and performance as the sorting could take really long time for larger collections (1.000+ products).

Nada takes a different approach to sort and usually takes just a few seconds/minutes to sort out the collection and move the out-of-stock products towards its end.

This is just the first version, we have a full list of further improvements that include things ability to auto-sort all collections, hiding sold-out products, analytics, selecting sorting type (i.e. best-selling, alphabetically, etc.), and many more.

Why “Nada”? The noun “nada” is an informal way to say “zero”. It’s often used in American English and perfectly matches the app’s purpose. We also really like the way it sounds.

Why push out of stock products to the end

There are a couple of reasons:

  1. More sales – You don’t want your customers to see products which they can’t buy, because they are sold out. Instead, you should show them in-stock products first.
  2. SEO Benefits – You don’t want to remove products from your store if they are sold out. They can still attract visitors from Google or make your store look more “full”. Also, if you unpublish the sold-out product and won’t set up a custom redirect (which Shopify doesn’t do by default), the customer will lend on the 404 error page which Google doesn’t like.
  3. Time-saving – You don’t want to manually update the product visibility every time it gets on stock or sold out.

This is how it will look in your store. All in-stock products will be listed first. Plus we also keep any manual sorting you had before, so you won’t lose it.

Sorted collection using Nada app

Sorted collection using Nada app

How much does the Nada app cost

Since the app is really simple, it’s also quite cheap. It will cost you only $4.99 per month as part of our introductory price. No matter what Shopify plan are you on or how many products you have in your store. You can also try the app completely for free for 7 days.

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