New Feature in Candy Rack – Custom Input Field

We are having an ongoing dialog with our merchants in order to understand your needs. That’s why we recently implemented one of the most requested features, custom upsell note field displayed right in the upsell pop-up.

There are countless possibilities of how to use it. For example, hand-written gift cards, customization of a particular product, or simply giving your customer an option to add a note to a cross-sold product he/she is buying.

How does it work

If you’ll enable a note field for particular upsell, it will appear in the Candy Rack pop-up, on the right side from the product or service. We also recommend using upsell description to explain to the customer what is the field’s purpose

Note field in Candy Rack upsell pop-up

A handwritten note in Candy Rack upsell pop-up

By typing to the custom-note field, customers will simply add upsold service or product to cart with a note. You can build upsells or cross-sells around this feature or just add note option to your existing upsells. Either way, you will see a note from the customer with that particular upsell/cross-sell product.

Candy Rack up-sell note in cart

The note will be added to a product in the cart

How to set it up

Adding the custom note to the pop-up is very simple, just go to the configuration of particular upsell and check the box “Display custom note field” in the Advanced configuration.

How to set-up note field in Candy Rack up-sell pop-up

Custom note field checkbox will appear after you click on Advanced configuration

The lining of note field in upsell pop-up will have your preferred color from the settings menu in the Candy Rack dashboard. If you are not sure how to customize your pop-up appearance check out how to adjust the style of your upsell pop-up, or contact us, we will gladly help you with it.

About Candy Rack

Candy Rack is an upsell app for Shopify which allows merchants to offer custom services or bundle products to increase the store revenue. Upsells are offered via slick pop-up which looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. The average upsell conversion the merchants are achieving is around 5%.

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Candy Rack is priced at $49.99 per month, but you can also try a 14-day risk-free trial.

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Peter is our E-commerce Guru, who specializes in perfecting the UX and helping our customers to earn more. He knows a great deal about upsells and other e-commerce sales techniques. When he is not doing his e-commerce thing, he is probably cycling, climbing or hiking.

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