Unwanted gift return as an upsell offer to deal with returns

Alla Udovenko


November 10, 2021

Unwanted gift return as an upsell offer to deal with returns

People have already started their holiday shopping. With expected increasing sales, you'll have to be prepared for the upcoming return requests. In this article, we will introduce you to our new service upsell template called "Unwanted Gift Return" and explain to you how you can benefit from it.

Unwanted gift return as an upsell offer to deal with returns

Are you ready for the upcoming festive season? People have already started their holiday shopping and with increasing sales, you'll have to be prepared to face return requests.

UPS announced that Dec, 19 and Jan, 3 are expected to be to biggest days for holidays returns.

To help your customers to eliminate risks connected with returns, you will need to make sure they can barrier-free return or exchange unwanted items.

In this article, we will introduce you to our new service upsell template called "Unwanted Gift Return", which we've created to encourage you to deal with returns and offer this specific service upsell to your customers.

What is an Unwanted Gift Return?

Unwanted Gift Return is a new Candy Rack template that allows merchants to easily set a service upsell offer which gives customers an opportunity to return or exchange the purchased products within an extended period of time in case the gift doesn't meet their needs. The Unwanted Gift Return service offer is also a perfect way to motivate customers to buy gifts for their beloved ones in advance and not to worry about the return issues afterward.

How do you set an Unwanted Gift Return?

To set the "Unwanted Gift Return" you'll need to take just a few easy steps.

Step 1 – Select "Unwanted Gift Return"

Go to your main dashboard and click on New Upsell, you’ll be able to select your upsell offers straight away. The one you need is called Unwanted Gift Return.

Service Upsell Offer - Unwanted Gift Return

Step 2 – Specify upsell product

First, enter your Upsell Name. This is for your internal reference only. On your wish, you can change the Icon, Product Name, Product Description, and Detailed Product Description. If you're fine with all the settings, just set the price for the offer and move forward.

Unwanted Gift Return - Offer Settings

Step 3 – Specify upsell targeting

In the Displays for section, you can specify where you want the upsell offer to be triggered. You can target specific products and collections, or use Advanced Targeting to define a set group of conditions.

Specify upsell targeting

Step 4 (Optional) – Adjust the additional settings

You can also go to the Additional settings and adjust the relevant for your upsell strategy points. For example, you might be willing to set the upsell position or enable a quantity selector on the pop-up.

Adjust the additional settings

Step 5 – Save and activate your upsell offer

Unwanted Gift Return in Action
Unwanted Gift Return - Details

According to the National Retail Federation's annual December survey besides 17% of people who will be willing to return or exchange their unwanted gifts, there will be 27% willing to go to use gift cards they received. You can read more about gift cards and how to implement them in your Shopify App Store in The Ultimate Guide to Gift Cards on Shopify.

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