New Feature on Candy Rack – Advanced Targeting

New Feature on Candy Rack – Advanced Targeting

Looking for a way to target your upsells with greater precision? Want to set your own custom rules when creating offers? Well, now you can! Introducing Advanced Targeting, a brand new feature on Candy Rack. This article gives the lowdown on all the benefits and how to set it up.

New Feature on Candy Rack – Advanced Targeting

So, why did we come up with Advanced Targeting? Well, we had a lot of store owners coming to us asking for a way to target upsell offers with more accuracy. To meet that demand, we set about developing a new feature that would do just that. In a nutshell, Advanced Targeting helps you offer more relevant upsells by setting additional conditions for targeted products.

Advanced targeting feature on Candy Rack

Conditions can be added from among the following configuration options:

  • Product title
  • Product type
  • Product vendor
  • Product price
  • Product tag
  • Collection title
  • Weight
  • Inventory stock
  • Variant title

These conditions can be combined and customized in whatever way you want. As shown below, you can choose to meet either ALL of the specified conditions or ANY of the specified conditions.

Must match all conditions or any conditions

Who is this feature for?

We’ve recently received a lot of requests from merchants to help them target products with greater precision. One of the most common requests is to have the option of setting additional rules to narrow down the number of products that get displayed with individual upsell offers. Some of you also requested negative targeting to ensure certain upsell offers don’t get displayed for specific product(s) or collection(s). With Advanced Targeting, all this functionality is now possible!

Advanced Targeting is primarily aimed at merchants who want to:

  • Target product(s) or collection(s) by adding specific conditions.
  • Save time on the work involved in customizing targeted product or collection settings.

How does it work?

You still create your upsell offer in the same way (see our article: How to create your first upsell). But now we’ve added additional conditions to the final section called "Displays for" where you can select from:

  • All products
  • Specific products
  • Specific collections

As shown below, you can then tick "Additional conditions". This allows you to add custom conditions, rules and values.

First, select the condition.

Then, select the rule.

Lastly, enter a value that corresponds to your selection.

What are the use cases?

There are heaps of use cases for this highly requested feature. Read the following examples and discover how Advanced Targeting can prove incredibly useful.

Example 1

Let's say you sell clothes and want to offer a hoodie for customers buying a T-shirt. When your customers choose an XL-sized T-shirt, it probably doesn’t make sense to show cross-sell and upsell offers for hoodies in any other size than XL. In this case, Advanced Targeting lets you set your additional conditions. As you can see below, your targeted offer of an XL-sized hoodie is displayed only when the product title contains the word ‘shirt‘ and the variant title is ‘XL‘.

Example of how to set the additional conditions for your upsell offers

Example 2

Imagine you own a furniture store and want to offer antique furniture polish only to customers who are looking for antique products. On top of that, you want this offer to only include products you have a lot of in stock. With Advanced Targeting, you can configure the offer accordingly. As you can see below, the product title contains the term ‘antique’ and the inventory stock is greater than ‘100’.

Example 2 of how to set the additional conditions for your upsell offers

Example 3

Now let’s suppose you want to offer free gift packaging to all customers who purchase products from your "Gifts" collection. At the same time, you want to make sure the offer is free only to customers whose gift price exceeds £100. In this instance, you’d have to set your collection to contain the word "Gift" and ensure the price is greater than £100.

Example 3 of how to set the additional conditions for your upsell offers

"Displays for specified price range" now removed

Because Advanced Targeting now allows you to set price conditions, we’ve removed the section "Displays for specified price range" from Candy Rack admin.

"Displays for specified price range" now removed

We really hope Advanced Targeting is a feature you and your store will benefit from. It’s really easy to set up, but if you’ve any issues you can always contact our support team using live chat or at

Also, why not share how you’ve been using our exciting new feature with the Digismoothie Family Facebook Group? We can’t wait to hear how you get on!

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