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Shopify updated the pricing for Basic and Shopify plans

Shopify updated the pricing for Basic and Shopify plans

What has changed in Shopify pricing?

Shopify updated the pricing for Basic and Shopify plans

Shopify slightly changed the prices of two of its monthly plans—Basic and Shopify. And if you think that the prices went up, you guessed it wrong. 

Basic and Shopify are now cheaper: the former comes at $24 per month instead of $29, and the latter is worth $69 per month instead of $79. So, now it’s even easier to have a store set up and running. 

Advanced and Shopify Plus subscriptions remain the same: you’ll have to pay $299 per month for the former and custom pricing for the latter (starting from $2,000). 

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A new plan for social selling

On top of that, Shopify introduced a new plan called Starter. It’s designed for those who need an easy way to enter the e-commerce field and allows creating product links to share them on social media and other channels

The Starter plan costs $5 per month and can be a great replacement for Lite for merchants not interested in in-person sales. If you want to combine easy social selling and POS without having to create a website, you can go with Lite for $9 per month.

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