Shopify increased subscription prices (2023)

Shopify increased subscription prices (2023)

Shopify increased the prices of its subscription plans. Learn what has changed in fees and plan limits.

Shopify increased subscription prices (2023)

Shopify hasn’t increased the cost of monthly subscriptions in a while. In fact, they even decreased the cost of Basic and Shopify plans in 2022. But this year, they introduce a significant change to pricing, with subscription costs rising up to 30%. At the same time, inventory location limits have increased in all plans. Let’s take a closer look at these changes. 

2023 updates in Shopify pricing

The Starter plan for social selling ($5 per month) hasn’t changed. Shopify Lite only works for existing merchants.

The Basic plan now costs $32 per month (the price may vary depending on your location; for instance, US-based merchants will pay $39). However, you can save 25% if you pay for a year ahead. Also, this plan supports up to 1,000 inventory locations (compared to the formerly included 4). 

The price of the Shopify plan was raised to $92 per month ($105 for the US; there are slight variations depending on the merchant’s country). The number of supported inventory locations also increased to 1,000 (from only 5).

Finally, Advanced costs $399 per month. Like other plans, it now includes up to 1,000 inventory locations (formerly, it was 8). If you choose annual billing, the price is 25% off. 

Although the Advanced plan became significantly more expensive, its functionality expanded back in 2022 with the Flow app added to it for free. You can learn more about setting up automated flows in the Flow app from our post. 

For stores that exceed the limits offered under the Advanced plan, there’s an option to choose Shopify Plus with custom pricing. If you’re thinking about switching, check out some of the benefits of Shopify Plus

Besides that, Shopify offers modular pricing called Commerce Components. You can discuss the component usage-based quote with Shopify’s sales team. 

For more details on plans’ features and fees, check out our Shopify plan comparison

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