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Shopify Collabs: a new way to easily find influencers

Shopify Collabs: a new way to easily find influencers

Shopify launches an influencer database where you can find creators to promote your products.

Shopify Collabs: a new way to easily find influencers

Social commerce and creator economy are not just some buzzwords you hear here and there. Creator-driven marketing grew to $13.8 billion in 2021, and as many as 66% of brands increased their spending on it. 

With the help of the right influencers, e-commerce businesses can extend their reach to new audiences and engage with potential customers in new ways. While there are plenty of affiliate solutions among Shopify apps or third-party platforms, you might have doubts about choosing the best one and having to pay for it when it’s not yet generating you profits.

Shopify launches its own influencer database where every creator can sign up, find brands, and submit collaboration requests. Similarly, you as a merchant can install the Shopify Collabs app and search for relevant influencers. 

What’s in it

Shopify Collabs is absolutely free to use. You can discover creators by setting various filters: social media accounts, the number of followers, etc. You can send out requests to the influencers you like, as well as receive requests from creators interested in collaborating with your store. To attract more of the latter, you can customize your brand’s page in the app’s database to feature unique collaboration benefits.

With Shopify Collabs, you can create different gifts to send out to creators and manage all influencer commissions in the Payments dashboard. Analytics are also included: you can measure the success of each affiliate sale and track what creators, products, and promotion channels work well together. 

Note: the app was recently rebranded and was formerly known as Dovtale. 

The major motivation behind this move for Shopify is to remove barriers for stores to acquire new customers and for creators to find ways to earn. While 57% of merchants admit that high customer acquisition costs are a major threat to their sales goals, tapping into the creator economy might be a great win for them. 

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