Step up your sales campaigns with post-purchase upsells

Step up your sales campaigns with post-purchase upsells

Learn how to set up post-purchase upsells with the Candy Rack app.

Step up your sales campaigns with post-purchase upsells

Upselling and cross-selling techniques are a sure-proof way to boost your sales with minimum effort. Our data shows that upselling can get you up to 30% higher revenue, and on top of that, it can help you build stronger relationships with customers—if your offers are relevant and provide some value to them. 

While you can implement upselling strategies at different stages of the buyer’s journey (starting from “soft upselling” in site navigation), post-purchase offers are often seen as the highest converting ones. When the customer is finishing the checkout process, they’ve already made a purchasing decision and are more likely to add more items to their order. 

If you’re not running any post-purchase offers on your store, consider trying them out. With a dedicated app like Candy Rack, it’s super-easy and quick to launch, customize, and analyze. Let’s see how it works.

How to set up a post-purchase upsell with Candy Rack

1. Before you start creating upsell offers, make sure the app is chosen as a default solution for the post-purchase page. When you open Candy Rack, it will redirect you to the settings where you can do so:

Post-purchase page settings on Shopify

2. Choose a template with the type of upsell or cross-sell you need. There’s no universal rule in what works best at the post-purchase stage: you can go with the same product upsell to suggest the same item with a discount, you can offer additional items, or you can interest customers in services like warranties and gift packaging. 

In the Triggered on section, you have 2 post-purchase options. The offer can be displayed on the thank-you page:

Upsell on the thank-you page

Or, you’ll create a standalone page that will be shown after the checkout is complete:

Post-purchase page

3. Customize your offer. You can set which products (as well as what order value) will trigger the offer and which products or services will be offered as an upsell or cross-sell. Additionally, you can add a discount and enable a quantity selector or a note.

The thank-you page upsell will show the pop-up with the wording and buttons you can adjust in the Customize pop-up section in the app. With the standalone post-purchase page, you can also leverage Description to clarify the benefits of the offer. 

Customizing the upsell offer

In the near future, we’ll add more customization capabilities to this upsell placement. 

4. Analyze your conversions. Candy Rack features an analytical dashboard where you can track the number of views, added upsells, and completed transactions. Monitor how different offers perform and modify your strategies if you want better results. 

You can test all Candy Rack upsell placements free for 2 weeks.

Employ different upselling techniques based on the customer journey

Make post-purchase upsells part of your agenda, but don’t overlook other types of upselling as well. Here are some basic approaches you can follow to grab shoppers’ attention at different stages:

  • Feature relevant items in the recommendation section. By default, Shopify will put products based on its own algorithm in the You may also like section—you can only set your own heading and visual details like image ratio. To get more specific with these suggestions, you can use customizable product recommendation apps or Shopify themes that include this functionality. 
  • Offer multiple upsells and cross-sells at the pre-purchase stage. When a customer adds something to their cart, they’re halfway through the decision-making process, so you can swoop in and suggest a more expensive version of the product, its personalization at additional cost, accessories for it, etc. 
Pre-purchase upsell
  • Create a sense of urgency after the order is paid. At the post-purchase stage, try interesting customers in something significantly cheaper than their order but extremely relevant to it. Think about adding a charging adapter to a device that might need one but doesn’t have it by default—this is something a customer will end up buying anyway, and if you remind them about its role in a post-purchase upsell, chances are they’ll accept the offer and be grateful for it. 

We hope post-purchase upsells will help you diversify your sales campaigns, increase conversions, and understand your audience better. It’s especially beneficial for the holiday season: experiment with different offer placements to get the most out of Black Friday strategies. Happy upselling!

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