Designing a high-converting store with Debutify: 5 killer features you can implement

Anastasiia Osypenko


September 5, 2022

Designing a high-converting store with Debutify: 5 killer features you can implement

Debutify is a Shopify theme that provides you with a variety of additional features to maximize conversions. Let’s discover 5 awesome things you can do with your store using Debutify.

Designing a high-converting store with Debutify: 5 killer features you can implement

Whether you’re looking to start a Shopify store or thinking about changing your theme, you should analyze what site elements you need. Do you want the cart to open as a pop-up or a side drawer in addition to the separate cart page? Where do you want to incorporate reviews or other user-generated content? Do you want to include product recommendations in the navigation and how? 

You might have these and many other questions when deciding on your store’s design. When you come up with the whole list of desired features, you’re on a journey to find the right theme and additional solutions, like Shopify apps, or go for custom development

The problem is, most themes will offer you only the very basics (rearranging typical blocks in site structure and applying simple visual modifications), and you might end up adding tons of apps and plugins to design additional features. The Debutify theme, by contrast, is meant to give you dozens of functionalities controlled in one place. 

Let’s explore what you can do with Debutify when designing a Shopify store.

How to start with Debutify

You can try out Debutify for free for 2 weeks. Register your store on Debutify, download the theme’s .zip file, and install it in your Shopify admin. From that moment on, you’ll have a dashboard in the Debutify app that will guide you through the theme’s features and integrations:

Debutify dashboard

And you’ll be able to customize everything in your Shopify admin (by going to Online Store > Themes, choosing the Debutify theme, and clicking Customize). 

Just like with any other Shopify theme or page builder, you’ll have the editor where you can add sections and blocks, rearrange them, modify colors, sizes of different elements, etc. 

Debutify theme sections

After experimenting with Debutify’s features during the free trial, you can continue using it for free (although you won’t have access to any add-ons) or choose one of the paid plans based on your needs. 

The most important advantages of Debutify are its add-ons that will help you easily increase conversions and make your store more attractive. You can see any of them in action during the free trial to decide which ones are essential to you. To enable/disable and customize them, go to Theme settings > DEBUTIFY ADD-ONS

Debutify theme settings

Let’s take a look at some of these add-ons and what they are capable of. 

Conversion boosters built in the Debutify theme

As we’ve mentioned, Debutify gives you a variety of add-ons on top of the store template (56 at the moment). They are divided into 5 groups:

  • Cart maximizers: in-cart upsells, cart goals, etc. 
  • Conversion triggers: discounts, bundles, etc. 
  • Loyalty builders: newsletter pop-ups, feedback forms, etc. 
  • Shopping enhancers: product swatches, smart search, back-in-stock alerts, FAQ, etc. 
  • Shop protectors: cookie box, terms & conditions opt-in, etc. 

When you are in the trial period, Debutify will automatically apply the most popular add-ons to your pages. In the example below, you can see such functionalities as a wishlist, product comparison, a social share button, trust badges, cart reminders, product variant swatches, tags, and a newsletter sign-up section. If you wanted to incorporate each of these elements separately, you’d spend a lot of time and money on many different apps. 

Product page created with Debutify

While all these features altogether might be too much, selecting several of them will greatly benefit your store. Let’s explore 5 awesome things you can do with Debutify to make your site outshine competitors and instantly grab shoppers’ attention. 

1. Sticky, animated add-to-cart

Making the add-to-cart button visible regardless of how far the user scrolls the product page makes it easier for the user to convert. One of the major Deputify theme’s add-ons will create a sticky add-to-cart, and another one will make your add-to-cart button animated.

Animated add-to-cart

2. Bundling

Different forms of upselling can lead you to a higher AOV, increased loyalty, and improved unit economics. One of the ways to upsell is bundling products together, and Debutify can help you create a simple bundle section displayed on product pages of your choice. 

Bundling in Debutify
Want to try more upselling strategies? Check out our 10 proven techniques of upselling and cross-selling on Shopify. 

3. Countdown and free shipping threshold

In the Debutify theme, you can set a cart goal: the most common one is a free shipping threshold. The customer will see if they’re qualified for free shipping and how much they should spend in order to get it. Together with the countdown timer notifying about cart expiration, the free shipping condition can incentivize shoppers to spend more and make quicker purchasing decisions. 

Cart goals

Besides, you can choose the preferred cart type in Theme settings: you can show only the cart drawer, navigate customers to a separate cart page, or have the cart open like a pop-up. 

Cart types in Debutify

4. Wishlist and viewing history

Giving customers the ability to add items to a wishlist can be an effective conversion and loyalty booster. It increases the chances that your store visitors will return, and if products are added from a registered account, you can use wishlist information to send personalized promotional emails.

Wishlist on a collection page

Another helpful thing is the Recently viewed section. By adding this add-on on Debutify, you’ll be reminding visitors about the products they’ve shown interest in, thus increasing the chances of conversions. 

5. Multi-purpose announcement bar

Not all Shopify themes have the announcement bar in the header, and those that do often allow to include only one message and link there. Debutify allows you to add several main messages that will change each other in an automated carousel, plus the optional left and right messages for your social media links and contact details. 

Informative announcement bar

The announcement bar can inform shoppers about current promotions and free shipping conditions: they’ll know about it even before they browse your catalog and add something to the cart. Plus, store visitors will be able to reach out to you in one click from the top of the page. 

Design your dream store and continue improving it

We hope these Shopify theme features will inspire you to start designing your store or optimize the existing one. You can try out Debutify for free for 14 days.

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