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Candy Rack Hits $20 000 and Gets Cool New Features

Tomas Janu


December 16, 2018

Candy Rack Hits $20 000 and Gets Cool New Features

It's just a few weeks since we have released Candy Rack, the Shopify app for upselling, and it already made its merchants more than $20,000!

Candy Rack Hits $20 000 and Gets Cool New Features

Our ultimate upsell app for Shopify – Candy Rack just passed the $20,000 mark in upsells. That means merchants who are using it made $20,000 extra which they would probably miss without our app. This is the key metric for us internally because we really want the merchants to be happy and get the value from the app. To learn more about our merchants, read a case study on how DFTBA store made $6,300 via upselling in just three weeks.

Happy merchants and reviews are also giving us the energy to continue with the development and making the app even better. In the last few weeks, we have added a couple new features. Some of them came as an idea from our clients.

1. Upsell Analytics per Offer

Initially, we offered only one analytics panel for all existing offers combined. This is fine if the merchant has just one or few offers, but for merchants like DFTBA who has 80+ offers that’s not detailed enough.

Detailed Upsell Analytics per Offer
Detailed Upsell Analytics per Offer

So we have essentially duplicated this analytics panel on the offer level. Just click on the offer on your app dashboard and on top you will see the detailed performance for this particular offer. This should help merchants to better optimize the offer mix by understanding which upsells work and which doesn’t (e.g. have low conversion rate).

2. Targeting Offers per Product Variants

When we launched the app we offered only a basic targeting. Per collection, product or for all products. That works perfectly fine for stores which have product variants for the same price (e.g. fashion for example). If all variants are for the same price, it’s logical that also all extras will be for the same price.

Upsell Targeting per Product Variant
Upsell Targeting per Product Variant

But this approach doesn’t work for products which have a different price based on the variant (e.g. electronics where for example 128GB iPhone cost more than 64GB one). Targeting per product variant allows merchants to target the upsell offers only to relevant variants.

3. Product Information in the Pop-up

This is a feature which came directly from our internal “brainstorming” and wasn’t asked by a merchant. We realized that when upselling products, customers may want to learn more about them. How does it look, what it is, etc.? So we have added functionality which allows customers to click on the offered product on the pop-up and read its description and slide through its images.

Product Information on the Upsell Pop-up
Product Information on the Upsell Pop-up

We still have to work on the UX as it’s not clear you can actually click on the product icon.

4. Dozens of Design/Layout Fixes

Among the new features, we have fixed dozens of design/layout glitches. Some of them reported by our merchants, some of them we found by ourselves.

New Candy Rack Upsell Icon
New Candy Rack Upsell Icon

We have also changed the app icon. From the previous candy which was too much, Europe focused, to more general plus. We kept the original color coding and pink branding. Hope you like it.

About Candy Rack

Candy Rack is an upsell app for Shopify which allow merchants to offer custom services or bundle products to increase the store revenue. Upsells are offered via slick pop-up which looks great on both desktop and mobile devices. The average upsell conversion the merchants are achieving is around 5%.

Candy Rack is priced at $29.99 per month, but you can also try a 14-day risk-free trial.

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