Grid layout for your upsells in the Candy Rack app

Grid layout for your upsells in the Candy Rack app

Now, you can choose a grid layout for your upsells and cross-sells displayed on product pages and a thank-you page.

Grid layout for your upsells in the Candy Rack app

There’s a new customization option in Candy Rack—you can choose a grid layout for your upsells and cross-sells. It works for both pre-purchase upsells (triggered by the add-to-cart button on a product page) and post-purchase upsells (displayed on the thank-you page).

Why try out a grid layout

The design of your offer plays a crucial role in grabbing the attention of customers. And it might be the case that a grid layout will be more attractive to your audience.

First of all, grids can help you accentuate the visuals of suggested products. Also, research has shown that a grid layout positively affects the perceived aesthetics of an online store—for instance, a study on e-commerce site search revealed that a grid layout performed better than a list.

Given that a grid layout is commonly used in the design of stores, it can be perceived as familiar and convenient for shopping. Plus, it can look more consistent if you’re applying a similar layout in other elements of your store. Anyway, you can experiment and see if you get higher conversion rates.

How to set up a grid layout in Candy Rack

In the Candy Rack app, go to Customization > Pop-Up Layout and choose Grid layout:

Grid layout in the Candy Rack app

All customization possibilities remain the same with a grid layout: you can adjust the buttons, modify colors, and change the pop-up’s title. The grid will also show the description of each suggested product (which you filled out in Upsell Configuration), a quantity selector (if you choose to display it), product variants (if there are any), and discounted prices (if you applied discounts).

Experiment with the settings, and happy upselling!

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