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Booster SEO & Image Optimizer is a Shopify app created to boost your rankings by optimizing meta tags, alt text, sitemap, and structured data. Its free plan includes alt text optimization for an unlimited number of images.

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Created exclusively for Shopify, Booster can improve your rankings, traffic, and sales thanks to multiple SEO features. The app optimizes alt text for images and meta tags to make them relevant for search engines. All broken links are automatically redirected not to hurt user experience and conversion rates. The Booster app also compresses your images to decrease the load time. 

Above that, the app checks your URL structure with the URL Keyword Optimization tool. Another helpful feature is that Booster helps format and submit a sitemap.

In addition to all this optimization work, the app prepares weekly SEO Health Reports for you to see all important metrics to analyze what was changed successfully and what needs more improvement. Basically, Booster does almost everything related to on-page SEO. You can use it as a universal solution, and the things left for you to do will be off-page SEO, that is building backlinks. 

Booster SEO & Image Optimizer proposes three pricing plans. The free one offers alt text optimization, synchronization of all images, and a new image check every week. The pro plan that costs $34 per month grants a complete SEO suite: meta tag optimization, fixing broken links, and structured data in JSON-LD format. The premium plan that costs $64 per month provides you with compression of all images, 5 GB for storing your images, URL structure optimization, and Google sitemap management.



Full on-page SEO suite

Easy image compression

Live chat support 24/7


The app might seem overpriced

Some merchants complain that the app actually negatively impacted rankings

Some merchants had trouble canceling their subscription

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