Custom design


Complete redesign based on a custom design and enrichment of the website with new applications with features corresponding to legislative changes.

The ChallEnge

Redesign of the online store

The goal of the collaboration was a complete redesign of the online store along with a rebrand. Together with the client, we developed a new design, which we partially "fit" the existing content on the website. The rebrand itself took place at a time when the legislation for online stores was changing, and it was necessary to apply some new regulations to the new look of the website.



  • New design and brand identity
  • Fully editable template for modifications without code intervention
  • Redesigned product data structure for better admin management
  • Application setup to collect verified reviews
  • Application setup for easier management of complaints and returns


“Digismoothie has been one of our most important partners for several years. We work very intensively together, and what we value most about our cooperation is the absolute reliability, fairness, flexibility, constant shifting and most importantly, the quality of development combined with a comprehensive business and e-commerce overview.”

Jan Fabini


About the client

Fabini has been a long-term client of ours. The brand was founded by a young entrepreneur, Jan Fabini, with a vision to develop affordable cookware that improves the level of cooking and the taste of food.



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