Migration & optimalization


Migration to Shopify and a template enabling detailed specification of the ordered product.

The ChallEnge

Getting modern and customizable

The client was using an outdated e-commerce platform that didn’t allow setting up product customization - the majority of orders had to be processed manually, which wasn't sustainable anymore with the increasing volume of orders.



  • The new, refreshed look of the brand and store
  • Easy editability of content via Theme Editor
  • Product customizer
  • Fakturoid for easier invoicing


“Very flexible, on-point, and well-organized communication, including the team. We have niche products which is why we have been looking for e-commerce specialists for a long time, and we made a good decision to start working with you. After launching our new store, we can surely say that the change was definitely for the better. Our clients are as satisfied with the new solution as we are. The biggest concern was the migration itself, but it was smooth and done with flying colours.”

Gabriela Jordánová


About the client

Dogs4u is a growing family business that manufactures custom-made dog leashes and collars from BioThane material.


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