Migration & redesign


To migrate the store from a different platform, upgrade design, implement B2B, and quickly ensure the EU One-Stop-Shop for VAT processing is working as expected.

The ChallEnge

Smooth migration with upgraded functionalities

Relyef originally operated on a small e-commerce platform that severely limited the brand's growth, so migrating to Shopify was a logical step. Our goal was to deliver a functional and attractive e-commerce site for two markets.

Relyef focuses on the production of high-quality ceramic tools. The online store used to operate on a small e-commerce platform that was not user-friendly, and even a minor change was challenging. In addition, the previous solution did not support the EU tax system (OSS) or other key features necessary for legal business (e.g. GDPR or cookies).

The solution for B2B customers was also unsatisfactory. Therefore the company looked for an agency to migrate the online store to the new platform, fix the OSS issues, improve the store's UX/UI design and implement new features to help manage wholesale sales.



  • Our solution allowed Relyef to continue growing on the Czech market and start selling internationally
  • Relyef stores are now fully optimised for both B2C and wholesale clients
  • Successful migration to Shopify, which allows Relyef to keep on growing their business
  • UX and UI improvements across both of the stores
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased AOV and Conversion
  • Custom Collection Page filters
  • Fakturoid for easy invoicing
  • VAT ID validation fields implementation on the Cart page and user account
  • Loyal for easy customer segmentation and data-driven marketing strategy


About the client

Relyef is a Czech brand founded by a group of six friends, who fell in love with pottery making and 3D printing. Relyef was created with the idea of providing pottery enthusiasts with high-quality pottery tools.


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