Candy Rack is officially recognized as Built for Shopify

Tomas Janu


September 13, 2023

Candy Rack is officially recognized as Built for Shopify

Learn more about our journey to get the Built for Shopify badge for our upsell app Candy Rack. There are only 118 other apps with this badge, which means Candy Rack belongs among the top 1.5% of Shopify apps.

Candy Rack is officially recognized as Built for Shopify

In February 2023, Shopify announced a new certification program for app developers called Built for Shopify. It represents a set of criteria that an app needs to meet:

  1. Security & Safety – The app needs to use the latest APIs, support a clean uninstall process, and doesn't use Asset API (i.e., having access to the theme files) 
  2. Performance – The app needs to pass all the performance criteria both in admin and storefront. 
  3. Design & UX – The app needs to pass the latest App Design Guidelines
  4. App Listing & Usage – The app needs to have an app listing that is accurate and updated without using any spamming techniques. Also, it must have at least 50 installs and 5 reviews.
Candy Rack on the Shopify App Store showcasing the Built for Shopify badge

And we are really proud to announce Candy Rack is now officially certified as Built for Shopify. This is the highest award we could get, as out of 8,000+ public apps, only 118 are Built for Shopify. That means we belong among the top 1.5% of apps that qualify.

What does it mean for Shopify merchants

First of all, the certification gives merchants independent and solid proof our app is reliable and trustworthy. When applying for the certification, we had to implement dozens of improvements – mainly in the performance and design areas. The app is now super-fast and feels like a native part of the Shopify store admin.

This also means great motivation for our team, and we are now dedicated to making Candy Rack the best-in-class upsell (and cross-sell) tool for any Shopify merchant.

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