Get ready for the Black Friday with Candy Rack for 25% off

Tomas Janu


November 1, 2023

Get ready for the Black Friday with Candy Rack for 25% off

This year, we offer 25% off on our flagship app, Candy Rack. Boost your BFCM sales with upsells and cross-sells, and save money on one of the 50+ apps.

Get ready for the Black Friday with Candy Rack for 25% off

Black Friday 2023 is coming and we are offering 25% off on our flagship solution Candy Rack. Candy Rack is a great way to boost your sales by offering upsells and cross-sells to your customers. Based on our experience, the app can drive additional 10 to 15% sales with the right upsell strategy.

We decided to help our merchants and make the Candy Rack more available, so it became part of the ultimate BFCM 2023 app list compiled by our friends from UpPromote.

How to get the discount

To get the discount simply click on the button below and find Candy Rack in the "Best Apps to win your BFCM Sales" category.

Once clicked, you will lend on the regular Shopify App Store listing page. Please note you will see a regular pricing there. The discount pricing should be visible during the app installation. If you are having any issues with the installation or getting the offer, please let us know.

Tomas Janu

Tom loves writing about upselling, conversion optimization, and e-commerce trends. He is one of our co-founders, and you can sometimes talk to him if you contact our support team. Make sure to follow him on LinkedIn for more Shopify-related tips and news.

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