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DesignO is a Shopify app for creating print-on-demand products. It features a variety of customizable templates, allows tracking production, and includes 3D item preview. The monthly cost starts at $149.

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The DesignO Shopify App is an easy-to-download tool that can convert your Shopify website into a fully functional and feature-rich web-to-print storefront. You can sell personalizable print merchandise and print products with this Shopify app. It is one of the best choices for print-on-demand services in the market.

With DesignO, you can upload and sell hundreds of editable templates for a variety of products. It suits businesses that want to sell customizable apparel, photo materials, banners, stickers, etc.—there’s no limit to possible sizes and designs. 

To make product visualization easier for customers, the design tool in DesignO includes 2D and 3D preview of created items. For each personalized ordered item, you’ll get output files in PDF and CMYK. 

Item preview in the DesignO app

The DesignO app lets you set up a branded design studio with your company name and logo. You’ll get access to templates, fonts, and clipart so that you can offer plenty of customizable options. On top of that, you can track the production pipeline with the help of live order updates on the job calendar. 

How to install the DesignO web-to-print plugin to grow your Shopify business:

  • Find the app on Shopify App Store. Click on "Add app to" and type your store URL. The app will get installed upon confirmation.
  • Go to Settings, then go to Apps. Click on DesignO.
  • Populate products and start selling custom products!

Perfectly integrating with Shopify, DesignO also supports multi-store accounts with currency and language localizations.

There are two ways you can use DesignO. Either subscribe on a monthly basis or buy a one-time perpetual license. Monthly subscriptions cost $149 or $299, with the latter offering more types of products to work with. You’ll also have to pay a $1,000 set-up fee.


Easy-to-use and universal solution for printing businesses

Wide range of editable templates

2D and 3D item visualizations

Order management dashboard


The app is relatively pricey and might not be the best choice for small stores

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