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AfterShip is a leading Shopify app for order tracking and sending automated shipping notifications. It includes a free plan for up to 50 monthly shipments.

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Have you already come across a separate order tracking page available on Shopify stores? You can easily have one as well leveraging the AfterShip app. The real-time delivery updates can help you delight your customers and build rapport with them. Moreover, it generates additional traffic to your website, since customers track their order within your store and not externally. It bnserts thr "Track order with AfterShip" button right on the Shopify order confirmation page.

AfterShip provides an automated tracking service, supporting USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, and many other carriers. The app will allow you to create an order tracking page and send email or SMS notifications about different shipment stages to your customers. You can choose when to send notifications and who should receive them—your customers, subscribers, or yourself.

Merchants mention that AfterShip simplifies the movement of the customer's packages and helps determine where the package is located.

The app has 7 days free trial and a free plan which includes 50 shipments per month and access to 920 couriers. You can upgrade the plan depending on the number of shipments you make per month. For example, for 100, you would pay $11/month and $0.08 per extra shipment. The features like real-time tracking API, multilingual notifications, and Klavyio integration are available with a Pro Plan starting at $119/month. You can also save 18% if you choose annual billing.



Order tracking page that you can add to your store's menu

Real-time delivery updates sent to customers via email or SMS

Customization of the tracking page with company logo, products recommendations, marketing assets, and more

Ability to track orders from mobile with an app available on iOS and Android

Analytics to keep track of all shipments and page visitors

24/7 in-app customer support


The ability to customize the domain is only available with the Enterprise plan

The app's UI is not embedded into Shopify admin

To remove "Powered by AfterShip" branding, you'll need to contact the app support team

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