Dej mi pokojovku

The overall redesign of the front end based on a custom design provided by the client. Implementation of the redesign into a template with many features.

The ChallEnge

Design and easy to customize online store

The client approached us with a request to upgrade the existing template according to the provided design. We recommended building a new design on a better template with more features than the client had available.



  • New template with lots of features
  • Custom sections from the coder based on the supplied design
  • Custom section with editing in theme editor
  • Implementation of the supplied graphic design into the template


“If someone is deciding whether to go with Shopify's online store, there is no point in waiting for something. There's no point in spending hours and weeks searching for and reading tutorials, Digismoothie helped me kick it off to a great start and after that, it was all up to me and the time I want to invest in the online store.”

Tomáš Bodnár


About the client

Dej mi pokojovku (Give me a houseplant) was started by a married couple who went from growing houseplants in their apartment to sharing their tips and tricks on Instagram, to an online store.


Dej mi pokojovku

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