In-cart upsells in Candy Rack

In-cart upsells in Candy Rack

The Candy Rack app can now trigger upsell offers after a customer clicks on the checkout button. Use Candy Rack to take advantage of different upsell placements.

In-cart upsells in Candy Rack

Our Candy Rack app has added a new placement type for upsell and cross-sell offers. Now, you can create offers triggered by the checkout button

When a customer clicks on the checkout button in the cart or after they add a product, they’ll see your upsell pop-up. For this stage of the funnel, you can suggest some small complementary items or offer customers a money-saving bundle. As they’ve already made a purchasing decision, you can interest them in something they won’t be thinking too long to accept. 

This placement supports automated discounts and discount coupons applied at checkout. It can also be used with other discount apps, although you won’t be able to stack multiple discounts for the orders with these upsells.

Upsell placements in the Candy Rack app

❗ If you’re using Candy Cart, consider migrating to Candy Rack. With the latter, you’ll have both functionalities at the price of a single app—you’ll be able to create various upsells at different points in the customer’s journey, both pre-purchase and post-purchase ones. Until the end of May 2023, our support team will help you with transferring all created offers.

Not a Candy Rack user? Try it out for free to explore different upsell placements and customization options.

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