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New feature on Candy Rack – Quantity Selector

Tomas Janu


May 29, 2021

New feature on Candy Rack – Quantity Selector

Candy Rack just got better. We have released a new feature that allows customers to select the upsell quantity using a simple selector. Right on the pop-up.

New feature on Candy Rack – Quantity Selector

Our flagship upsell app Candy Rack just got a new feature – a quantity selector. It was one of the most request features and something many of our merchants has asked for. A simple quantity selector that allows customers to select the desired quantity of the upsell or cross-sell product.

Preview of the quantity selector in Candy Rack

As always, the quantity selector is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. You can also see the preview image above or test it yourself on our Candy Rack preview store.

Using quantity selector your customers will be able to select a desired amount of the offered product or service. The default quantity is always "1", and can't be changed (at least for now).

How to enable quantity selector in Candy Rack

To enable quantity selector in your offers, go to specific offer, scroll down to "Additional settings" and check the box "Enable quantity selector on the pop-up". Save the offer and see how it looks live on your store.

Enabling quantity selector in additional settings

We recommend enabling it for all your offers as there is no risk, only gain if customers purchase more items.

The only thing to keep in mind are the discounted offers. You should think whether the discount should be applied to all purchased products or just a limited quantity. For all product quantities, you should use a percentage type discount. For limited quantities, you need to use the "Buy X get Y" discount type. You can also set additional minimum requirements for both types.

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