Step up your affiliate marketing game with PartnerJam

Step up your affiliate marketing game with PartnerJam

Sign up for our affiliate platform to promote your Shopify apps—PartnerJam is easy to set up, cookie-independent, and completely free.

Step up your affiliate marketing game with PartnerJam

If you’re a Shopify app developer wondering how to maintain a steady flow of new users, we feel your pain. To keep up with the competition and continuously attract merchants to your apps, you absolutely need to partner with affiliates.

Creating Shopify apps ourselves, we’ve tried and tested different affiliate platforms and, not having found one we like, we’ve made our own—PartnerJam. 

What’s in it for you?

PartnerJam is a simple solution that requires minimum effort. All you have to do is pair your Shopify Partner account and add the apps you want to promote. You don’t need to handle any code whatsoever. 

To provide you with reliable tracking, PartnerJam is 100% cookie-independent, which means you won’t lose a lead when they clear cookies (if you’re using a custom installation page method).

To attract the right affiliates, you’ll be able to create a customized landing page and fill it with your brand assets and app information. PartnerJam features a simple template that lets you showcase the partnership benefits. 

Plus, the platform is completely free at the moment. We’re planning to introduce a paid plan with the price calculated based on the revenue generated through affiliates, but now you can access everything at no cost. 

Sounds intriguing?

Anastasiia Osypenko

Anastasiia is a content marketer with expertise in tech and SEO. Besides writing and editing, she makes music and spends time with her pets.

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