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Motivate your customers to spend more with free gifts. Gift Box is a powerful Shopify plugin that will increase your average order value.

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Gift Box — Free Gift Motivator

Everyone loves free gifts. Free coffee or donut when you're buying a breakfast will make you smile. Gift Box can help you to implement this experience into online shopping. And if your customers are happier they tend to spend much more.

Using Gift Box you will create your own free gift setup to motivate and reward your customers.

Offer free gifts & gift cards

Increase average spend per customer by offering free gifts on order or free gift cards. Set the limits and motivate customers to spend more.

Gift Box key benefit
Gift Box key benefit 2

Free gifts with purchase

Offer free gifts like a gift wrap, gift card, or any free product. Gifts are added automatically to the cart. Perfect for increasing AOV.

Modern & slick design

Looks great on both mobile & desktop devices. Highly customisable with unlimited free gifts. Super simple to set up, launch, and maintain.

Gift Box effect

Boost your revenue by giving out free gifts
After purchase free gifts and services are well-established tools for an increase in AOV

Gift Box is an advanced app for Shopify businesses allowing them to control the free gifts strategy. Free gifts are a great tactic on how to motivate customers to spend more in order to receive something extra. There aren’t many solid apps on the Shopify App Store which would allow this. That’s why we have decided to come up with Gift Box.

How does it work?

  1. Go to the Gift Box listing in the Shopify App Store and click on ‘Add app’
  2. Select the Shopify store where you would like the app to be installed and click on ‘Log in’
  3. Once the app is successfully installed and added to your store, you should see a confirmation and be on the ‘New Gift’ page
  4. Select one of our pre-defined gifts or create a custom one
  5. Fill in the required details like minimum amount to get it or which product
  6. Congratulations, you have enabled your first free gift. You should now see it on the app dashboard
  7. To make sure it’s working, go to your store and you should see the Gift Box icon in the bottom-right corner of your store

And in the end, don’t worry about a thing, we are glad to help you set it up and also give you a hand with upselling strategy. It’s a thing we love, so why wouldn’t we help!

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