Increase your AOV and upsell your customers without degrading the UX on your site with Candy Cart - One Click cart upsell. Leverage the effect of urgency and motivate your customers to buy more just before the checkout.

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Candy Cart — Upsell In Cart

Candy Cart offers a unique approach to upselling customers. Instead of having dozens of intrusive pop-ups around the store, have just a single one displayed on the cart page prior to the checkout process. It's the last opportunity to upsell your customer so the level of urgency really matters here. Cart is also great place to upsell extra services like gift packaging, extended warranty, or fast delivery.

Get yourself more time to perfect your business with Smart Auto Upsell - fully automatic upsells based on the product recommendations API. Related upsell products are selected automatically by the AI algorithm.

In Cart Upsell Prior Checkout

Offer upsells to customers on the cart page right before they go to the checkout. Use urgency and discounts to increase conversion.

Cart Upsell
Shopify Cart upsell - Candy Cart

Boost Order Value

Use last chance upsells to increase order value and make more money. Upsells are displayed when customer clicks on the checkout button.

Slick & Responsive Popup

Upsells are offered on the beautiful one click popup which looks great even on mobile devices. It also has customizable wording and style.

Candy Cart Shopify cross-sell app

Free cart upsell tool for 14 days
We love our app and we believe you will love it too. That’s why we are offering a free 14-day trial period with no limitations and full support.

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How does it work?

  1. Install Candy Cart app and create your first upsell offer
  2. Set the upsell details (product/service, price) and activate it
  3. Go to your cart page and click on Checkout to see the upsell popup live
  4. Monitor and optimize the upsell performance to gain the maximum sales boost

Please note CandyCart is not compatible with any custom checkout solutions or volume/tiered pricing apps. Also, customers won’t be able to add any custom discount coupons during the checkout process. That’s because we are using draft orders.

Candy Cart is a solution for pre-checkout upselling, not for post-purchase upselling.

And in the end, don’t worry about a thing, we are glad to help you set it up and also give you a hand with upselling strategy. It’s a thing we love, so why wouldn’t we help!

What are people saying about Candy Cart. All reviews ➜

Great app! I use this in addition to other app from these guys and both are excellent – I recommend it to every store owner as immediate ROI.
May 27, 2020

We have tried almost all of the major upsells apps for Shopify and Candy Cart is really the best one we have found if you cannot or do not want to implement a custom checkout gateway like OneClickUpsell. It's also way cheaper!

The popup is great looking and easy to use on both mobile and desktop, it's power is the ability to offer many types of upsells in one single popup. Consider installing this app now when the price is low as it will surely go up soon. The customer support is among the best we have experienced with a Shopify app, very fast responses...

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